Play direct from iPhone/Play an album without mixing?

Evening all! I’ve had my Prime 4 for around 4 months now but never updated it yet. I’ve tried connecting my iPhone through it to just play a playlist from YouTube but it doesn’t seem to pick it up. Is this possible? It’d also be nice just to stick an album on and let it play through as my system is really good but unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to do it, again is this possible? Thanks in advance :+1:t2:

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Are the input switches set to line and your input cables going to the line i/o rather than phono on the channel you’re using?

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Hello to you. Firstly standby for, but ignore any comments that your post gets about your professional system and DJing / hosting ability being dragged down by playing from YouTube. It’s not an ideal solution but what you choose to play and where you get it from doesn’t change the technical part of your question.

The simplisst way of getting music from your iPhone is feed the headphone output into a spare music channel on your prime 4. If it’s one of the newer iPhones with no headphone socket, you’ll need the lightning to headphone socket adaptor.

The next way might work, might not. Some iPhones allow you to plug the Apple iPhone camera/usb adaptor into them, then run a usb lead from that adaptor to a usb socket on a mixer/sound card etc but the results vary from phone model to phone model and the primes computer USB port hasn’t been used that way before, that I’ve heard of.

The other way, maybe the best way is to update the prime 4 to latest firmware to give you the playlist to zone out function, which is great for background music through the zone out sockets

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Spot on, thanks for your response! I just use it at home and have the VL12 Prime turntables to suit. It’s a great system and it does get used for mixing but at the end of a long weekend it’s nice just to stick some tunes on and let them play with no effort :grin: I’d always tried running my iPhone through the usb on the back and thought you may be able to stream playlists from iTunes or YouTube, Spotify etc that way. What you’re saying makes total sense and to be fair I cannot believe I didn’t try it the way you suggested!

On the other subject, is it possible to play an album straight through from the internal hard drive? Many thanks :pray:t2:

The guarded answer is yes. You can put the album into a playlist and play that playlist in continuous mode , so it doesn’t stop between every music track.

What it won’t do is play mixed albums where the tunes flow into each other like the ones that are a 75 minute non-stop mix where the track numbers silently notch up as it plays through the album. You could try and record those sort of non-stop albums into one 75 minute long track - but long tracks don’t always load quickly and very very long tracks might not load at all

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Excellent, thanks for your answers. :+1:t2:

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