Play / Cue Button MCX8000

Hi All,

First post here but hoping someone can help me. I have had my MCX8000 for some time now and the Play / Cue buttons on one side are broken, in fact the play button works approx 1 in 10 presses and i have to press it fairly hard to get the deck to play.

I have searched online for replacement buttons within the UK but i am not having much joy finding anything?

Does anyone know where i can get replacement buttons or get these buttons repaired? I currently can’t play and i am unsure where to go from here with getting the controller back up and running? I currently cant afford a replacement controller so would really appreciate any advice?

Thanks for your time! Matty

First thing you need to clarify if: 1. The button assembly is broken or 2. The microswitch under the button is worn out.

From your description (several presses needed to register) it seems you need to replace the microswitch, not the button. If the button (assembly) is broken then the button is moving within the controller frame/faceplate.

Anyway, there are several topics about both issues, please use search and see if any of mentioned places there are good for you.