Play a track from ipad or phone in denon prime 4

Hi! Probably it is a silly question. Is there any way to play a track from a smart phone or Tablet/Ipad? There is no Aux input in the Prime 4. I have tried via USB inputs and the others but i could not.


Your aux input is one of the line inputs on the prime. Just use an audiocable for ipad/iphone with rca output. Set one of your players deck to line mode, and you can play music from the phone. Music over USB is not supported.

Thank you very much. Do i need lightning pin to RCA or the one through the headphones output in the ipad?

Thanks a lot!

if the pad has headphone out 3.5mm then i would preffer this. 3.5mm to rca should work.

Great! Works very well. Thank you!

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