Pitch Travel Question

serkle k

Hello everyone… it’s me again!

I am noticing that when I am mixing using Serato, that my left deck (My newest 3900) seems to have a fluctuating pitch. When looking at the “pitch box” in serato, the yellow indicators are constantly moving back and forth, and the pitch percentage on the left deck in serato is constantly changing by as much as 2% and back to 0.0. My right deck is always (my oldest) is always constant. I just thought I would post about it to see if anyone else has had similar issues? I dont know if it would be my deck or my software? When I have practiced using files from Engine on a flash drive, I haven’t noticed this happening, and when I was just using my VMS4/VDJ I didn’t notice this either.

Any thoughts on how to narrow down the issue? I am thinking that I should try to swap the decks and see if I still get the same issue, but other than that, I don’t know what else I could check. I am looking to upgrade my VMS4 to a different mixer soon, but until then, this is what I have to contend with… so any input would be much appreciated!


serkle k, could be two easy things.

  1. update your firmware to the latest
  2. In the UTIL/Preset mode for this deck, change the “Platter Sens” to “MID”.

definitely have the latest drivers. looks like it was #2. Not sure how that happened.