Pitch Sliders Not Responding (unless sliding aggressively)

The pitch sliders on my Prime Go don’t respond when gradually sliding up or down on either decks. I noticed they will respond ONLY if I aggressively slide them up or down (but then the music shifts to extreme tempos and sounds bad). Is there an update or setting to correct this?

Could this be related to the Soft takeover? Are you using sync?

The Tempo Slider need to return to the absolute position before they change.


Yes I have sync activated. I use it when transitioning genres. I’d sync a 80bpm track to a 128bpm track then slide it down to 80bpm as I mix. You know how it goes. BUT when sliding the pitch slider down, nothing happens unless I slide it harshly. This happens even if the sliders are set to neutral (zero).

Follow the arrows…

At the top and bottom of the pitch slider there is a green arrow. Whichever arrow is illuminated, is the way that you have slide the pitch control to “reconnect” the pitch control to whatever value auto sync set.

It doesn’t have to be slid aggressively, quickly, harshly or yanked up and down like you’re playing air hockey … just slide the pitch control toward the lit arrow and the arrow will go out when the pitch control is “reconnected” to the pitch value

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No arrows on the GO.

Keep your Eye on the BPM on screen.

The Tempo slider should kick in when it aligns with where the pitch fader should be if you did not sync.

I’m not sure how i can explain this.

OK perhaps this may make more sense

  • Track A is at 0% = 100bpm

  • Track B is at 0% = 110bpm

  • You now Sync A to match B (A is now playing at 110bpm)

  • If you need to bring A back down to 100bpm, you will move the tempo fader in the Positive direction, at some point the fader will get to the point where 110 is, then the tempo fader kicks in (becomes active again)

Another thing to be wary off, depending on how large the tempo gap is when you SYNC, eg say Track A is 75bpm and you Sync it to 110bpm.

The pitch RANGE on the GO will change to a higher bracket eg 50% to accommodate this wide bpm sync. Meaning you have to move ever so slightly on the tempo slider.

  1. Clear as Mud yeah

  2. Mind numbing yeah

You can vote for the feature request to give us the option of disabling the soft-takeover



That’s another 16 cents saved. Yay!

Maybe there should be a little pair of flashing icons on the screen for each deck

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Soft-Takeover is new to me but now I think I understand what you’re explaining. Thanks I’ll give it a try. I most definitely will vote for the option of disabling soft-takeover.

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Soft takeover is on all devices that uses sync or also is present on Dj controllers.

This is to avoid drastic tempo changes that would occur when Tempo would be stiffly fixed to the fader. Than You could not even sync, as it would require You to physically move the fader to the right position. Soft takeover gives the ability for sync to change the tempo without physical movement. But then if You want to use the fader - You need to match it’s physical location with the bpm value, so then the tempo change can be done smoothly and without sudden jumps.

Disabling soft takeover would result in no BPM sync, as the fader position will be then fixed to the value of the BPM, making i absolute. For Sync to work, You need a relative fader position.

With sync you not only change the virtual position of the fader but in some cases also the pitch range.

Keep that in mind while voting for disable - no soft takeover = no smooth sync exit

No sir

In Serato

Track A is 100bpm at 0%

Sync it to Track B which is playing at 120bpm

Now track A is 120bpm but still at 0% (on hardware slider)

Say i want to return A to 100bpm - i just go in the negative direction of the tempo slider. (i dont need to first go positive to match up the slider)

Serato also keeps the Tempo Range settings (its always at 8% in my case) - if I move all the way to the max negative and i’m still not where i need to be BPM wise, Holding “Shift” and i can return the fader to another position without affecting pitch.

Basically the pitch becomes an endless pitch slider

Exiting Sync = you exit on the idle deck.

Serato soft-takeover is active using one deck to control more than one virtual deck eg LC6000, SC6000.

For A to B mixing - its relative pitch fader.

But then You get a tempo jump while moving the fader…


Never had a tempo jump.

I toggle between sync on and sync off during a gig…depending on the track. I may do 30 mins full sync, then decide not to use it for another while, then go back to it.

But no weirdness or unexpected jump at all.

Yeah, that sounds good, but how does it react, when in sync, than You move the fader away? What exactly happens in Serato?

I will shoot a video…lol