Pitch slider issue?

Hello, I just received prime 4 today. Im trying to figure out if my unit is defective or if there’s some other setting that I might have enabled. On only one of the two “cdj” components, the pitch slider sporadically does not respond. I need to wiggle it up and down a few times before it “catches” and starts to track bpm adjustments accordingly. Could I have something set to cause this or is this likely a defective function where the slider isn’t working?

Most likely this occurs when sync is enabled. It should show arrows on the slider indicating where you need to move the slider in that direction past a specific point before you can additionally adjust it. Up or down. This is actually a useful feature that helps your BPM adjustments to stay in proper scale. I think it discusses this in the getting started videos.


Thanks for the response. That makes sense, though in this case the sync definitely isn’t enabled (I was beatmatching everything manually). And it was only happening on the left side controls…

I would check what slopiiJoe said with the two arrows and see if one of them is lit in the direction you need to move the fader.

Press shift + sync to 100% make sure it’s not activated itself.

Other than that, with the track stopped, move the fader up and down and see if the pitch changes. This will change the pitch percentage and see if there is no dead spots on the fader.

If it’s random then making sure sync isn’t permanently on is the best option. Hope you sort it.

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Hi @cpmcnamara, thanks for posting. Sorry to hear about your PRIME 4, if you continue to have issues after trying out all the troubleshooting tips shared above, please contact our Technical Support team for further assistance. There may be a problem that we, here on the Forum cannot resolve. Go to the following link to submit a Support Request: https://www.denondj.com/support

It certainly could be defective hardware. Shame it’s happening straight out of the box, but I have personal experience of pitch sliders on Denon kit doing strange things (zero not being in the centre), after only relatively light use.

Iam having strange pitch issues, the bpm randomly changes and the beat matching, when you adjusting the jog, its goes all over the place on both decks??

Hi @pops, thanks for posting! It seems like you may have some hardware issues…do you mind if I contact you directly?

yes please do. have you got my details?

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