Pitch fader denon mcx8000

good day, can it fit in place of my broken pitch fader on the denon mcx8000 pitch fader from Denon Dn-4000/4500 or denon mc4000? thank you for answer. I’m asking for the fact that I can not buy Pitch fader denon mcx8000 anywhere, thank you

I doubt they will be the same. Even if it’s the actual same fader, there is a good chance the way it’s fixed inside will be different, like other connector, soldered to a small circuit board, etc.

Sounds like a send-back to Denon to me and get them to replace it properly.

I AM curious though how you managed to break such a thing as a pitch fader, as this isn’t usually moved very hard. Channel faders I could understand, maybe, crossfaders certainly (there is a reason they can be swapped easily), but pitch fader?

I know someone here was mapping their pitch fader on midis to be of that a eq crossfader l. That meant that he pitchfader then got bad use lots and yes it broke soon.

never played with turntables? you usually bend/adjust with the pitchfader, so you don’t need to touch the platter/vinyl. Maybe he was doing the same with the mcx,

Yes but with gentle, tiny, slow, precise, calculated movements … usually

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I mean pitch riding, not just setting the right tempo. That can be more challenging for pitchfaders, even more if you don’t take care about them and you are used to do it all the time.

Nope, when I started in 1977 there were no turntables yet. Just kidding!

On a serious note, clearly I started on turntables in '77 and was on them for a good while until Denon came out with DJ CD-players.

However, pitch riding wasn’t the overriding method at the time. We would usually slow by dragging a finger on the edge of the vinyl (the dots on the SL-1200 platter being way to sharp and due to it’s nature unsuited for controlled use) or speeding up with a finger on the label.

So, not a lot of wear and tear on the pitch fader as a result of that.

My point in general was that it is - TYPICALLY - the least worn fader on any controller.

Who uses the pitch fader today when there are sync buttons? :grinning: Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Haha dangerous to be said. But I see you were making jokes , which I like a lot