Pitch adjust increments with latest firmware

When I purchased the sc5000’s June 2017 the pitch adjust increments where 0.01 @+/- 4% with the latest firmware the increments are now 0.05 @ any pitch range. How is this higher a resolution than the original firmware? When it is taking bigger steps than previously. Forget about the math involved. The 0.01 was far superior to the current 0.05. I purchased these units because of the 0.01 resolution and now the firmware has made the turntable less accurate in regard to manual beat matching. Can i downgrade the firmware?

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Unless you’re mixing against an a device with analogue pitch eg, like an old vinyl record player , then less fiddly pitch resolutions are better.

In my opinion Denon have dropped the ball on this one. Moving from 0.01 adjust to 0.05 and actually saying the reason is that 0.05 is more accurate? Nonsense. I was mixing with 0.05 adjust on cdj800s in 2005 and seen the limitations back then. The 0.01 adjust was another thing that denon had over pioneer and now they’ve taken it away. Denon users should have the option within the pitch settings for pitch adjust resolution.

I would love to hear the opinion of one of the denon guys on my last comment ^


I’ll pop it on the list for the development list to consider.

The maths of it is however, that despite the psuedo safety net that a multi-decimal place pitch increment might seem to offer for “came back to the decks half an hour later, and my mix was still beat-matched”, any BPM on any digital player can be matched to any other BPM on another digital player at the new pitch increments.

Less pitch increments along the travel of the offer less chances of the dj selecting the wrong pitch adjustment +-

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However, a lower setting (0.02) has worked fine on many devices, including the club standard AND previous Denon generations, for more than a one and a half decades :slightly_smiling_face:

I think a device aiming to be the new standard should offer no less.


Agreed Kevin! its a step backwords

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Curious as to what the pitch resolution was at the higher pitch ranges on the old firmware. ?

Also, are you saying it’s 0.05 increments even at 50% and 100% ranges now? Again, what was it before?

Nail on the head Kevin. “A Device aiming to be the new standard should offer no less” than 0.02 which is the current industry standard. CDJ pitch resolution has evolved from 0.1% steps (Late 90’s) then 0.05 (Early - mid Noughties) and then 0.02 onward. The step size inevitably has to get smaller for a more accurate beat match and this happened as technology got better. Going back to 0.05 is like going back in time 15 years. Bring back the 0.01% adjust


"Less pitch increments along the travel of the offer less chances of the dj selecting the wrong pitch adjustment "

I don’t understand the reasoning behind this.

Pioneer, oddly enough, gave the same reasoning at one point.

However, if I have 0.1 increments on a CDJ-1000mk3 on Wide with a Red Book CD and a CDJ-2000NXS2 with a WAV file off a thumb drive at 0.5 increments on Wide, even if the pitch fader occasionally has difficulty staying on the 1000mk3 at a specific spot to get that 0.1, it’s actually only going to wobble between two increments.

That means the 1000mk3 might have an average accuracy across an entire night of 0.2 increments on Wide, assuming you’re not actually looking at the pitch readout ever and gently easing it back to the increment you want when on its own it moves to an adjacent one.

That’s still more than double the pitch resolution on the 1000mk3 with a CD over the NXS2 with a WAV file: blind effective pitch resolutions of 0.2 versus 0.5 under high vibration conditions.

Right or wrong pitch adjustment shouldn’t be a consideration. Use your ears and move it back if it sounds like it’s drifting.

You’ll have to adjust later less frequently once it’s dialed in if the increments are smaller.

Pitch adjustment is a means to an end

and something you adjust as you go, not something you dial in to a specific quantity right out of the gate.

Now personally I don’t think 0.05 increments is so bad, but if you can get increments better than that at the lower pitch ranges, I’d recommend that.

If you’ve got 0.05 at the wider increments, then that’s amazing for those ranges.

I’m still waiting for a response on the increments the SC5000 originally had at the various ranges as well as currently at the wider ranges.

Well, what is it now at the various ranges?

Coming from vinyl, it does feel that the pich adjust on the SC5000 could do with more resolution. Even when two tracks are seemingly set to the same BPM, they will still drift apart. This doesn’t happen if both tracks have the same BPM to begin with, i.e. the pitch adjust is at 0%, or at the same value on both decks.

I have only used the v1.0.3 firmware so can’t comment on earlier versions.

So what are the current pitch resolutions at the various ranges on 1.03? 0.05 increments on all of them?

That’s correct. All the pitch ranges, (4%, 8%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 100%) have the same Pitch Resolution/step of 0.05%

That’s pretty darn great! Is this beneficially simplifying the maths somewhere in the programming? Or is this like some memory usage issue that prevents 0.01 at 4% and 0.02 at 8% while keeping the other higher ranges that fine at 0.05? If necessary, 100% increments could always be dropped down to 0.1 increments… that’s already pretty touchy with 0.1 on a 100mm 14bit fader. Well done, though. I think I’ll have to get one of these units and test the jog wheel out on them. Pitch resolution is not 0.05 at the higher ranges in v1.0.3. Also, in the earlier firmware it was indeed 0.01 increments at 4% and better than 0.25 increments at 100%. My two additional players that just arrived have the older firmware and I will probably not update them until this is resolved since I don’t need Rekordbox conversions or anything like that.

Analog-like resolution capable on 10bit (and above) faders of this length and demonstrated on both the Pioneer CDJ-1000mk3 and the Hanpin players (at least at 100% range), is the following per direction, or times 2 for the entire length of the fader

|100%|1000|0.10%| |50%|1000|0.05%| |20%|1000|0.02%| |10%|1000|0.01%|

It drops below 0.01 increments for 8 and 4 percent, so those would just be dropped since deep pitch is already possible at higher ranges. I’m curious what limitations (processing, memory, etc?) prevent this from being implemented more readily.

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