Phono noise

Hi guys, Im getting phono noise in line 1 and 4. I dont have anything hooked up in those lines . Anyone else have this issue? Thanks

Is it happening when You have the inputs set to phono, or digital and line setting to?

Turned to phono and hear a hum like as if a turntable was hooked up with no gnd

Where is the sense, setting an input to “phono”, w/o having a turntable connected? And: Do you hear noise, when a turntable is properly connected?

Is the unit properly grounded? Apart from the fact that you don’t use turntables.

just was checking each line and noticed the noise. i dont have a separate wire grounding the mixer yo the gnd screw. Only its plugged in to a rocketfish surge outlet . Should i have a wire connected to the gnd screw somewhere?

its only in line 1 and 4 is this common with all mixers?

The ground screw is only there to supply ground to the turntable … not to any other ground. The P4 is connected with a grounded mains cable. Doing what you describe would just insert a ground loop, most likely worsening the situation.

Phono signals are extremely low, hence the inputs for the phone pre-amp are extremely sensitive. And that cause all kinds of possible audible effects without a proper (impedance) load attached like Kradcliffe said.

So, leave them off phono and set to line or PC and you should be fine :smiley:

My three cents as usual

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