Philips Hue lighting question

finally got around to connecting my hue lights back to the bridge, i was messing around with the lighting last night and have a question.

Is there any other mode outside of ‘lights flashing to the beat’? and can you have alternating colours between lights? as different lights flashing different colours at the same time.

Need to play around with Hue some more, but to my knowledge it is still not possible to have different colors. All my Hue PlayBars show the same color.

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Thanks Reese… ive now unplugged the bridge and re-connected back to the Echo plus as it wasn’t really doing anything that cool and didnt need 2 things plugged in using power 24/7 :slight_smile:

I’ve been a massive advocate for each Hue light being a separate ‘fixture’ as I’ve got four Play bars around my gear. In total I’ve 29 Hue colour lights around the house now. Far too many.

I use to get individual control but it’s a separate Java app.

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We have a mixture of Hue, Govee, Ikea and a couple of other no brand Amazon jobs in ours, oh and my DJ room has standard lights connected via some smart plugs (I already had non smart strip lights installed and couldn’t be bothered changing it)… so its better it all just goes through the Echo. You’re right about each light having individual control though, would be so much better.

There’s a paid-for app that ties lots of brands together. I can’t remember which one but I’ll look.

This is expensive but good

Ah yeah, that would be handy lol… ive got a full sub folder of smart home apps on my phone.

Its a shame you cant get full use of the Hue bulbs on the Alexa app, that bridge is rubbish with its ethernet and extra power supply, its like Philips are stuck in 2005 or something with their tech.

I kinda like it’s got that hub as it’s local control which gives me a better response time and doesn’t go down when our ropey internet does. It also allows the seamless operation of the Ambilight TV. I have the Drayton Wiser system with five TRVs that also connect locally via Zigbee.

Now that Matter is a thing you can add different Matter devices to the Hue bridge. Finally things are starting to even out.

I’ll try and find that app.

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I like the concept of the hub, just the implementation is horrific.