Philips hue lighting Denon Mixer mandatory?

Hi, A short question: do I need for the Philips hue lighting a denon mixer x18xx mandatory ? I am using the a pair of sc5000. Thanks


You only need the deck.

it is a prerequisite to get a X1800/1850 to use Engine Lighting standalone

The x1800/1850 communicates with the players via engine connect for fader/crossfader positions

I will assume that the Hue needs that data as well or how will it know when to change to the next deck during a mix

I could be wrong

I’m assuming since I see it on my deck that I can just use it from there for a basic lighting effect.

From what I read so far it looks like the mixer needs the deck but the deck don’t need the mixer.

I don’t have hue but for the Soundswitch DMX set up with my Soundswitch V1 interface, I definitely need to have an X1800 mixer.

If I don’t have the x1800 mixer eg using S11, only one deck is controlling the light and when I cross fade to the other deck the light show pauses/stops until I play music again on the 1st deck

Perhaps @Matthew.W can shed more light

Im pretty sure it needs a mixer to know when the song changes.

But i kinda thought about a workaround for this. If you make song with just 4/4 beat through and through and divide it to segments with different light programs and make memory loops for the segments you could actually trigger the loops and different light programs with hot cues. You could do couple different songs for triggering different programs with different colours too. :sweat_smile:

I think you need the DenonDJ mixer to have Engine Lighting on all deck connected via the Engine Connect protocol. Lighting auto-loop responds to the fader position that’s the most up in volume.

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im not gonna change my DJM-900nxs2 mixer for this function tho’

would be nice to have some kind of workaround for this in the future. like maybe denons own lan switch with dmx output, it would recognize which song is coming on master out or something.

Or just to push “master” from the players so the lights will change with it.

The workaround is to use Soundswitch desktop for now and to map the nexus faders to Soundswitch desktop

That still works via lan with the players

Or auto mix of the lights when master changes

If one of the updates could add the ability to read fader ON/OFF via fader start port on the deck…


But that would require that both decks control the same lighting rig, right? I don’t see any company going that convulted route just to enable users to use OTHER company’s mixer hahaha

That would help with usnig preview and “On Air” on the decks as well. This could help those people that use mixers that they like.

I’m using a pair of SC6000 and managed to get Hue working here. But I’m only able to manually set color, strobe, white-out. Its only not responding to music I’m playing on the deck as you guys mention here (I’m using a Xone:96). It would be nice if the lights are able to sync to the master deck.

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So if I have just 2 lights and I only want the light to bounce to the bpm I’m gonna need to hook it up to a mixer.

I’m strictly talking about the Phillips. But since you can preset the light show also can’t one do it for just the deck alone?

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Oh, didn’t know you could actually do this? So if i map 900nxs2 mixer for soundswitch it recognizes what song is playing? even though there is no way to link Denon players to Pioneer Pro DJ Link?

There used to be a video on Soundswitch YouTube explaining how to map a DJM

Can’t find it again.

What I’m not sure about is if you can mix and match Denon SC players and DJMs in the Soundswitch Engine Desktop mode

If Yu run DJM strictly midi, and denon decks via link, or usb, all should be ok. DJM will be visible for soundswitch as a normal midi controller.

im not really sure where do you cinnect soundswitch? to the DJM? Where does the DMX interface get the song/lightshow data then?

Soundswitch interface You need to connect to the laptop if You want to use DJM as a controller for it.

So i need to play in hid mode then?