Phase meter for beat matching

Hi team denon, since mcx 8000 has only 2 displays, missing a reference for the beat maching, for example as on the numark ns7 iii, where there is a led that indicates when you are in perfect beat, this is useful when you use the engine system instead of Serato. Could you in the next update insert this in the graphics of the screens? Thanks greetings dj Zazà

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Thanks for your suggestion @Zazadj we will pass this on :slight_smile:

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This is a excellent. You are need to say no to some suggestion so people will have managing of their expections.

Next, you must say no to maybe 100 of the Prime SC5000 suggestions and so then to pure concentrate on the 10 suggestion that can be added with.

Isn’t that exactly what the LEDs encircling the platters do? Lol

It should be that yes

But traktor is are bad programme for sending out light commandings

No, not at all. The outer jog led’s are purely a visual reference of track position for scratching / cue’ing. A phase meter shows when you have beat #1-4 on the one deck running with beat #1-4 on the other. So if both decks are playing 1,2,3,4 in sync, both decks will have there respective beat led’s running in time with each other (normally one above the other).

Come on, don’t you wanna do anything yourself ? You are a DJ, you should be able to do the phase matching. :smile:


Hello Chloe in addition to the above function, it would also be useful to enable the display of two decimals for the bpm, both in engine and in the evening, in the dj evenings are displayed only on the display of the Mac but not on the monitors of the mcx. Thank you

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Wow, I always thought that those platter LEDs served that function (phase metering) as well. If they were in sync then they would be at the same position in the ring. Idk why it’s not set up this way, but ya learn something new every day!

It’s actually a good idea, however I think it would be very difficult to implement as there so many jog led’s. How would you know which is beat 1? Also if you were to play faster or slower tracks then the jog led’s would speed up / slow down (imagine the speed of the jog led’s when playing a love song). The best way to implement it (I think) would be on the displays, having 4 bars for each deck, one above the other in different colours.

I reckon the mcx8000 is now a truely amazing piece of DJ gear, especially at such a great price for what it does,

But, I think that In terms of processor power, and onboard memory support its probably been taught all the new tricks that this ol’ dog (or any other current midi controller) can be taught.

How about oh I don’t know… Using your ears maybe?


Sadly, I think you’re right. I doubt we could get much more out of the 8000. I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask though.

I’m not going to turn down every idea that comes to the table. It’s up to our developers what they wish to push forward, i’m just the messengers from here :slight_smile:

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it would be great if you denon a screen to be positioned at the center where it is possible to show the parallel waveforms. like a Dashboard with a single screen that goes to join the side screens.with the screen connection as it happens on ns7 iii

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The idea of having 2 screens is to allow for more information therefore clearer view, and to be similar to DJing with media players and mixers such as 5000’s and 1800.


Hi…if you were to play faster or slower tracks then the jog led’s would speed up / slow down. The best way to implement it would be on the displays, having 4 bars for each deck, one above the other in different colours.

I wonder, if you were to beat match from two turntables, how would you know if you are on “phase”? God gave you two amazing piece of equipment on each side of your head and that’s not only to look good wearing headphones.

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Right on, I agree with you 100%.

That was 9 months ago. it’s still a good idea though