Phase DJ SC6000 DVS Ready

hey everybody. i love my sc6000…but sometimes i miss the feeling of vinyl on a 1210 (yes i tried the sc m‘s, its not the same) so with timecode the sc6000 cant work because of no input. but i was thinking, how is about to implement the Phase DJ set up? technicaly i would work. Engine OS need to work… i would love that! what do you think?

I think the m model is dvs already in standalone mode. With a few more tweaks it can operate just like software dvs.

When I want vinyl I pull out an actual record and play it on my turntable. That’s as real as it gets.

If Denon has an SDK containing the messages that are sent to and from Serato for the M’s, MWM would be able to use it for Phase implementation on the prime units.

yes simmilar what I mean… I mean. using vinyl player with Phase as "another " controller for the SC6000 media Player. there are USB Inputs on the Media Player and would like to use Phase on standalone Engine OS… and wryly you are right, I suing my turntable as well for records, but I have to say my digital Collection is growing and growing and my Vinyl Records, unfortunately not anymore…

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I think it would be pretty cool. I don’t have an M, but do prefer a moving platter for scratching.