Personal concerns about new Sc Live controllers

As a DJ, I am big fan of Denon products, I own a pair of SC5000, a pair of 6000M, two mixers X1800 and X600. I use this equipment regularly and I am 100% a satisfied user.

After seeing new Sc live controllers I am really deceived, and unhappy with the new product design, these are the things I miss :

  • illuminated and colored customizable jogs
  • Hd onboard bay
  • adjustable inclination screen
  • green beautiful characteristic Denon led
  • I hate the blue color on button effect, now same as Pioneer

All these things that I mentioned, at least to me, are not details…. It’s DENON product/brand identity!

The new “Pioneer like” design is just… unpersonal ugly and sad. What is the strategy here?
Copy and paste from Pioneer ? Hoping to be purchased by mistake from a Pioneer user?

When I chose Denon, years ago, I did it because it was clear that you where a real alternative to classic gear. When the people in the venues saw my gear was really impressed about the overall style, and all the unique features I could show….and now…. what are you offering ….speakers built in ???

I hope that someone from the marketing team read this post and start thinking about it. With immutated love …Pillola :heart:


SC Live is ‘premium’ entry level gear.

I’m sure ‘Second gen’ P2 and P4 Prime series standalones will come soon :wink:


Whilst i dont disagree with you, im not sure its worth worrying about to that level. Id just ignore them and wait for the next gen Prime devices (if they ever arrive).

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My concerns are more on the product identity, the style, the features, the user customization, the unique features… i hope next coming gear will not going in the direction of copy and paste from pioneer … but it will keep it’s originality.


As others previously mentioned, the new SC Live standalone device are not direct replacement for any of the current devices and belong to beginner level gear. Just “keep calm and carry on” as that saying goes.

Why did inMusic decide to put DenonDJ brand on them instead of Numark as they should have? God knows, we can only speculate what marketing geniuses they have on their payroll… /s


I agree with the missing jog RGB indicators, huge miss here, considering you don’t have RGB cue or deck buttons either + the very small screen for 4 decks.

The VU meters also have a weird color scheme. From green-white-blue to white-blue-red. Seriously ffs, follow the standard of most audio gear and make it green-yellow-red!

But the rest is fine for me. I don’t regard an HDD bay as really necessary for a semipro device. You can still keep a SD card inserted. 64 or 128GB should be plenty.


FWIW, the products don’t use the Prime name, hence the identity difference perhaps?!


Think they could have parked it under the Numark brand. Would have been top tier Numark.


I kinda agree on this but it’s nice to see more Engine devices either way.


It‘s not a prime series. But for all features and the dropped price for the sc 4 live 1.299. € its a good choice for me.

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That price drop hit me by surprise to be honest, but it’s highly welcomed. It should also silence all critics. For what you get, 1300€ is really, really fair. Heck, the crappy XDJ-RR (with no booth out, touchscreen, 8 pads, jog screens, only 2 channels, etc…) is only 100 less than the Live 4.

I am strongly considering getting one now. I had always desired a Prime 2 with Serato support (for wedding gigs) and SweepFX, while I also enjoy the speakers on my Mixstream Pro. Now I get all in one unit and its 1000 bucks less than the Prime 4 (in Europe) and also much lighter to carry around. What do you guys think, should I grab it asap or can I wait a bit until the beginning of December, as I originally planned to get a Prime 4 for Christmas? :blush:

I’m in a similar situation, in my case my thought process is: will I even be able to grab a Prime 4 by Christmas? SC Live 4 is in stock right now across Europe, but at that price point they are not going to last.

I’ve been torn about some of the shortcomings of the SC Live 4, but at this price i’ve got to admit i’m tempted.

There’s one thing stopping me jumping in though… I can see quite a few occasions where I’d prefer to use Serato, & when doing so, you lose access to the Mic EQ (as it’s buried in an on-screen menu in engine)

If I want a new 4 channel controller that also does Serato in the next few weeks though, this may end up being my only option. …looking on-line, most other options are out of stock.

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Pick up a cheap Behringer mixing desk, that will give you far more control over the mics anyway.

That idea is not that bad indeed. Especially since, if I understand correctly, the Aux-In gets cut off during reboot, which you need to do, when switching between Serato and Standalone. It’s also handy as backup, e.g. use Djay Pro on your Phone/Tablet with a Y-split cable and connect it to the Behringer as well, IN CASE something goes really wrong.

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100%, I’m planning on bridging my rig at gigs with the one I just bought, then I can fire up a Mixtrack pro FX and my laptop if anything goes wrong with the prime.

Salut , je viens vers vous pour savoir ce que vous pensez des deux nouveaux sc live 2 et 4? Après tous les échanges sur ce forum sur la partie qualité plus que discutable de plusieurs éléments des prime 2 et 4 et logiciel, pensez-vous que par exemple pour les potards ils ont sélectionné une meilleure qualité ? De même que les boutons volumes casque master qui crashh…;? De nouveau Denon sait attirer un grand nombre de clients pour venir ou revenir chez eux, mais l’hésitation est toujours présente pour ma part même si je trouve ces deux produits très intéressants .Alors faut il craquer ou attendre une version améliorée des primes 2 ou 4 ?? En fait il faut lire que le sc live 4 est une version amélioré du p2 à mon sens par contre pour le P4 pas d 'équivalent.

In my opinion, when i look at the SC Live i don’t even recognize a Denon product… that aspect deceive me a lot, and that is not only just aesthetic … is the overall concept…and that lack of that trademarks that are so important… my worries are also related to next generation of Prime products, i hope it wont be Pioneer like… also the leaks about new Rane controller let me think that in InMusic something is changing on the overall strategy, copying the market leader, or they changed product designer, i don’t know… i just hope to be wrong.

Les boutons volumes casque qui crash ??? :thinking:

Étrange, quelques personnes ont eu des soucis avec la sortie Master avec le Prime Go et d’après ce que j’ai cru comprendre et constater, il y en a eu très très peu .

Et jamais entendu parlé d’un problème en écoute casque.

Le fait que Denon a intégré un workflow similaire à la concurrence n est pas choquant. Il y a un standard pour les DJ et club .De plus il ne faut pas oublié que Denon écoute beaucoup les avis du terrain pour faire évoluer les produits ou améliorer l’autonomie. Donc il doit y avoir eu une remontée importante concernant la dispositions des effets filtres et autres par les avis de ce forum entre autre. Moi ou j’insiste et je pense que cela ferait la différence avec la concurrence ce n est pas des nouvelles fonctions mais des produits avec une finition pour utilisation intensive .Si cela est appliqué un grand nombre d’utilisateur suivrait.