Performance during HOT Summer Pool Parties?

I wonder how the SC5000 will hold up under those 110 F Degree summer days in Las Vegas. I know laptops never have a fighting chance and the Pioneer CDJ’s did pretty well. Good luck to you and the Denon Team, you guys definitely have a Game changer on your hands.

Judging from the media pics alone, it looks like the unit has a “grate” on the back, that will certainly lend itself well as a means to directly allow heat to escape in addition to the heat sink that occurs via the metal body. Also, since the bottom of the unit has a gap between the body and the surface, that’s another means for allowing heat to escape. That said, as with all electronics, it’s probably best to avoid direct sunlight, though I’m sure the venue will gladly hook you with an umbrella. :slight_smile:


The SC5000’s have already been heat-tested in almost oven like temperatures - they also go through prolonged, day and night power on usage and a plethora of QC stages - these bad boys are ready for just about anything humans and nature can throw at them!


Spoken like a true believer, Paul! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

great job, Sounds like you you guys thought about everything… so when are you Shipping them?

I’m curious how cold are they rated to go? I’m in Canada - I doubt I’ll often be doing shows that could melt them, but I do have the occasional outdoor winter show, and it can get pretty bloody chilly here in Ottawa. Brrr…

Cold doesn’t damage electronics (the exception being the LCD, the crystal’s could potentially freeze) so long as the hardware is allowed time to return to room temperature prior to being turned on. For example, if the gear was being stored somewhere cold that wasn’t properly climate controlled, you would want to have the gear exposed to room temperature prior to operating it.

If you’re playing in a cold environment, but the gear was switched on when it was at a decent temperature and remained on throughout the night, you’ll be fine–the heat will counteract the cold temperature. Just keep an eye out for condensation and be aware of precipitation, you don’t want a bunch of snow hitting the gear since electronics + liquid (melted snow) = bad news.

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From personal experience as someone who uses flight cases during transportation and performance (the extra height helps my back, lol), I can say that air flow is incredibly important, no matter what the unit being used is. If possible, a minimum one inch gap between the bottom of the case and the bottom of the unit is always a huge plus. That said, if memory serves me correctly I believe Denon (very intelligently) has dedicated vent slots on the rear panel of the SC5000, allowing internal heat an additional means to evacuate aside from the standard heat sync via metal chasis. With regards to padding, I actually gutted the stock foam that came with my flight cases because it was entirely too stiff and I felt the texture was rough to the point of potentially scratching my units. I ended up purchasing some high end egg crate foam that almost has the consistency of memory foam with a smooth finish. I then cut to size and used some quality adhesive to bind. For bonus coverage, I use decksavers as well. Hope this helps.


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Because this unit has an actual multicore fricken processerator in it… does it also have a fan like PC/Laptops do? If so I dare say breathing room in a coffin will be even more important, esp as new features are added and the processor made to work harder.

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Steel gray outside with black frame version (that is the left canopy with the middle frame), Never play outside without it.

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Didn’t Oakenfold play on top of Everest? Hopefully you don’t have to deal with playing any colder then that…

110 F? Its the 118 and 120 F Degree days you have to worry about :slight_smile:

@paul_denondj is it the same for prime 4? I bought it last week, im already concerned about the wobbly volume faders, i tested it in my room with AC on after 1 hour the bottom of the deck is hell hot almost burned my hand, is it normal? Im having my first gig this week outdoor & the weather is hot here, im affraid of overheating issues…

On the cold spectrum, this is false information. I’m a resident DJ for a Ski Resort in Colorado and I’ve used my 5000’s at one of our outdoor bars. Between 34-36 degrees, the touch screen becomes unresponsive in intervals throughout my timeframe-- you end up having to use the knobs instead of the screen. Below 34 degrees, the screen has serious latency and becomes unresponsive at times.

Good advice when the gear is used outside of normal parameters.