PC Cable for Prime 4

I’m looking to buy a 30ft cable to connect my P4 with my PC and prime library so i can update and sync properly

Can Denon or anyone tell me what type of cable is required so i don’t buy one that does not work with the P4

Would love it if the P4 could connect to another PC on the wireless network and could update things that way…

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I don’t think a USB cable with that length will work properly.

Over network is not possible (yet).


thanks for the reply

ive been using my pc to a external hdd and then from the external hdd to the p4 but it will not sync properly for me, i want to take the external hdd out of the equation

What’s up @Kippax71,

I don’t think you’ll find a recomendation from Denon on that issue. This is something you’ll have to test via trial and error. There are manufacturers of 30+ Foot USB cables that claim that their product is lossless. The only real way to find out is to purchase one and find out (I saw them for around $20 on Amazon).

Let us know how it works out. Look for USB A to B Cables.


Might sound obvious but make sure you purchase a USB 3.0 cable :+1:


I do not recomment such a long cable for usb. you can only look out for a cable with integrated hub electronics, so that the signal will be refreshed … but 30ft … is really long …

I would better reccoment a laptop in the near of your device.

30ft … is not good for data transfer … imo

Could consider getting a used laptop. Obviously a cable is cheaper than a laptop.

Doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

I5 or i7 cpu and call it a day.

Simplest solution is to put the PC and Prime 4 next to each other :smiley:

Surely you could accomodate the Prime 4 near to the PC long enough to update?

What is it about the PC location that prevents this? Even if a 30ft cable did work, isn’t it extremely inconvenient to have them so far apart (connecting, turning on/off etc)?

The simplest of the simple solutions :joy: is to not use internal hard disk but to use removable devices: SDXC, USB flash drives, self-powered USB harddisk.

When the miracle happens that we will be able to update the HD in the Prime 4 via Ethernet or WIFI then that day will be the right one to mount an HD or SSD inside the Prime 4.

Agreed. I did think it a strange choice to fit an internal drive when your unit is 30ft away.

Personally, I did first install a hard drive into my Prime 4. After about a week, I decided to remove it and place it into an external hard drive enclosure. The enclosure gave me more flexibility when I needed to update my music (i.e. I can sit outside on the patio instead of having to power up my P4 and be directly connected to it). As for music load times, I see no significant difference in accessing the drive internally vs externally.

Exactly what I had done too :joy: :rofl: :joy:

The initial enthusiasm (and the novelty of being able to have the internal HD) pushed me to install it inside, but then after a couple of library updates I realized how inconvenient it was to always have to bring the PC and the P4 to the connection distance of the USB3 cable. Now with the SDXC I am fine: it is invisible, because it remains inside the P4, so there is no risk of bumping it, then if no one knows of its existence you do not run the risk that at a party there will be someone who detaches it from the console like instead it can happen with USB sticks. It cannot be forgotten at home when I leave for a party because it is always inside P4, except when it needs to be updated. In this case it can be extracted and connected to the PC (even a fixed PC as it does not need to be removed from the desk) for connection with Engine Prime.

The SDXC idea is good - if your collection is small enough to fit onto one. The next hurdle is the cost.

After reading your post, I checked to see if I could find a card of equivalent size to my internal SSD. Yes I could, but it was 2x the cost of my SSD drive - and that looks to be one of the cheaper cards!

So for me, internal SSD wins. Far larger capacity (some DJs need it) and much cheaper per GB.

Maybe a good solution for Kippax71 though.

I don’t upload the entire collection to SDXC, just the crates or playlists I need for the kind of party I’m at.

Yes, it’s true. However, it remains a pain in the ass to update it if I have a PC far from P4.

Let’s keep hoping (and voting) that Denon eventually add the ability to update the internal from USB drive/SD.

Even the cloud connection could work. Copy to cloud from EP, then download from cloud on hardware.

Yes, too bad it only works with paid Dropbox and not with other free clouds (Google, Microsoft, etc.). I am a poor man and I cannot afford Dropbox! :cry:

I too already have cloud storage from MS, bundled with MS 365 subscription. Having to pay for Dropbox in addition would be wasteful.

Anyone that already has their files in the cloud will not want to change.

this is the reason i was asking about the long cable, hoping denon put a feature to connect on same wifi network and update directly that way

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I too used the internal hard drive at first. After a few months I grew wary of switching it into controller mode just to update it. It’s just easier to use external drives.


export your music to Dropbox
then use the dropbox in P4 to play super nice way to always be updated there are extensive tutorials on CrateHackers (facebook) Hope this helps ! :wink:

I use my internal ssed drive for all the Basic Tracks The classics and the must haves.

Then I have the Dropbox with my analyzed “new Tracks” and sometimes an external drive if I have something with me from a collegue or special for the event tracks