PC + audio interface + X1800


I have an Audio interface connected to my pc that I use for recording, etc…

I want to have Serato connected to the X1800 but have the pc audio go out through the interface so I can have both the pc audio and the x1800 going to the speakers.

Is there anyway I can do this or does everything need to go through the x1800?

Thanks a lot

wouldn’t you just take your output from the X1800 in to your audio interface?


Yes, that would be an option but I wanted to have both things separated and going directly to the monitors.

I was using the usb input in the X1800. That meant that I had to assign the X1800 as the audio source from the PC. I changed the input source to DVS now I can have the computer use the interface and the mixer go directly to the monitors.


Yessuh. The X1800 has dual interfaces on board, just connect that second USB cable and use USB 2 for your PC Audio.