Parts for prime 4

hello community i need to change the sound card gor my unit where to get the parts pls

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I would look for the official service closest to your area, regards

Not finding in my area can u suggest a store that I can buy online pls

Personally, I don’t think you will find internal spare parts, as if it were on Amazon, perhaps you can more easily find a distributor who will put you in contact with an official technical service, you will surely find it on Google, good luck!

I really wouldn’t try DIY servicing on primes. They are really well made and with a really modern design ethos too. Gone are the 70s style innerds of lots of space and a single pcb screwed onto the bottom of the metal casing.

Inside primes are several pcbs folded over and under each other, joined together with micro ribbon connectors which might look as though they’re still perfectly connected, when they’re not.

You might go in there to fix a $50 issue and end up causing yourself a $1000 issue

Best send it in to InMusic to do it

I see you’re in Mauritius. Do inMusic have an official presence there? Hopefully so.

Hit up support and see what they say. In the UK it’s £30 per hour plus vat and then any work that needs doing. I found a place that sells parts in the US but as Pasha said, if you don’t know what you’re doing or not confident, don’t play about.

It doesn’t look a cheap fix: PCB, Rear Assembly - DENON PRIME 4 - TWPC17C03201