Packing playlists?

i take care of the file and folder structure on my usb drives myself i.e. i don’t use sync. that works fine and i keep a copy on the hard drive which i use for working. i actually only use the usb for cloning the stuff from the hard drive to the usb. all peachy.

one issue though i keep running into is with playlists. that seems to be handled differently by engine prime compared to engine os. so i tried to drag the playlist to the usb in engine prime. that works but then it’s packing and copying the files even though there’re on the usb already. and let me emphasize again that the usb works perfectly fine with engine os so it knows about all the files already. why can’t i just copy the playlist without the files?

Engine Prime is treating the internal hd files differently to what’s on your USB.

So if you drag and drop or use sync manager it will pack the same track

I think if you are going to be managing your Engine OS drives manually, then you need to clone them to another external drive to use with Engine Prime.

That’s what I do anyways.

One drive - plug into engine os, unplug it and use it with Engine Prime.

thanks for the reply but as it turned out things are different.

after some sql adventures i found out that engine prime stores the playlists in the m.db file in the user’s home folder. unlike engine os which keeps them in the db in the root of the drive. it seems there’re 3 tables in there which make up a playlist:

  1. List
  2. ListParentList
  3. ListTrackList

the actual playlist is just an sql view fetching the data from them.

if engine prime can’t copy just that without the actual music files, i guess i have to write one more script to copy this to the db on the target drive.

What about the difference in file paths?

there is none. the database stores relative paths and since i have the same structure on the local drive and the usb …

but even if that was different, i could sort that with the script as well.