Packing errors when trying to transfer music

I recently got my Denon Prime 4, and just installed my SSD drive. I tried several times to transfer crates or playlists to my device via USB from my Macbook Pro. Every single transfer I’ve tried has resulted in the “Packing Failed” / “Packing was interrupted” message, and nothing transfers. I’ve formatted my drive multiple times using exFAT, and can’t get it to work. (The drive works fine, I have no issues accessing it in Mac OS Catalina).

I have successfully transferred those same playlists and crates onto a USB thumb drive, and they read fine on my DP4. The music files aren’t corrupt – I’ve tried a lot of different playlists and crates with different files in them. I’ve used those files without any issue in Traktor and Rekordbox, and played them in CDJs.

What could be causing that issue? What further troubleshooting steps can I take? Would appreciate any tips!

Ensure you are formatted MBR/ExFAT (MBR is important!)

To rule out cable/connection failure run this simple test:

  1. Create a folder on the Prime 4 in the Finder
  2. copy a batch of small files (the more the better, don’t have to be audio tracks!) to that folder. One big file is not enough, if you make a a lot of small files then the Finder really has to work.
  3. If that goes through without a problem you can rule out cable/connection issues and delete the folder from step 1.

If you want to know how to formatted a drive MBR on MacOS then look here (the link starts at the correct time). If you don’t see the full device tree, select “show all devices” from the View Menu in Disk Utility (command 2 for short cuts)

The MBR part cannot be overstated. I have seen dozens of posts lacking this importante piece of information. DenonDJ is responsible for lacking documentation and missing information over and over again in regards to accepted working partition types. All they ever mention when questioned is filesystems, which is only part of the solution.

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