Overdub option

just wondering if its possible to have an overdub option, so i can record a new tune into a mix without having to start from beginning.

On what device You want to do that?

Prime go prime 2/4

I don’t see how that would be technically possible, without turning the units into DAWs.

To overdub, you need to record a sample. There is no sampler on the device, so how You would overdub…?

Not 100% sure but i think this would ask a big load of memory to keep that file ‘open’ for “edit / merge” with new running recording…

My advice, if you want to pick up from former session, just start with the last track (same bpm of course…) and continue from there on again. Later you can easily merge the files together with apps like Audacity, OcenAudio or any DAW

Not saying your suggestion is’nt cool tho’ imo i would love this feature but 'm afraid it’s a bit impossible…

Maybe create a feature request on this option?

just thought it would nice to be able to add tunes to an existing session by choosing the position to record from rather than starting at the beginning

May be there could be a way to do this in the Future. If the players write full trackinfo with timestamp and fader positions into one file, it could be possible to edit the mix in Engine DJ. I will make a feature request for it.

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