Out with Tidal in with Spotify!?

Has anybody got any info as to when we can rid ourselves of the Tidal streaming platform? It really is an overpriced pile of sh*t. As a dj who likes to use the ability of said capabilities for the odd ‘when I feel like it’ home session, Tidal is probably the worst partner Denon could have partnered with. MOST tracks are only offered in ‘radio edits’ (if even offered at all), and the amount of tracks rendered unplayable due to being ‘greyed out’ through licensing issues immense, not to mention hundreds of dodgy cover versions. Personally, I dont have time, or currently, the ability to use the separate Engine software to analyze all of my tracks, so was sold on this streaming ability as being a useful tool. As an example, a few nights back, I fancied attempting a 90’s club classic set. Could I find anything on Tidal? Not really. ‘Clubland 90’s’ is almost completely unavailable, and the rest mainly covers of originals. I gave up after 3 tracks, as those few downloaded were beyond analysing, and Tori Amos’s ‘Professional Widow’ remix coming up as 82bpm!

Has anybody got any info as to whether we are getting Spotify/Deezer etc access/compatibility soon, or was this whole streaming thing just a marketing gimmick?

Cheers. S.

Spotify seems to have backed out of the pro users.

Tidal is fine for mobile DJ’s, I think. Funny, I tried to find a track that I thought would never be on it and it did; in the right version.

SoundCloud (my opinion) is the load of c…

Beatport is well underway.

Beat source is coming.

Let me try to summarize this.

You have all the tracks you’d like to play, but don’t want to put them through a piece of software, not even once(?!), and have loads of fun after.

As a result of above, you turn to streaming services, that clearly don’t have what you seek. Furthermore, if it would, you’d need to wait for analysis with every track you play.

It’s probably me.


Tidal is stunningly good, for the majority audiences that I play to as a wedding DJ. Tidal is like the top 3 supermarkets in any country for music. It’s got the bread, butter, milk, sausages and Chinese-in-a-box etc, but if you’re after pickled crocodile or infused elderflower marinated ostrich steaks, then you’ll need that little specialist butchers shop that’s next to the specialist tobacconists.

In the Specialist store analogies… my view is that Spotify is that shifty looking old woman who’s selling special cheap burgers in any neighbourhood that used to have a lot of cats, set up on her folding decorating table in the lay-by and leaves her hand painted cardboard signs up along the road, even when she ain’t there.


Yes, Spotify is out of the game from July 1st. It’s pulling all the integration from DJ apps (which were never pro level anyway).

As has been said, if you’ve got the tracks why not use them? Even the streaming services with 50-60 million tracks have holes. There are many tracks I own that are missing from streaming providers.

No, I don’t necessarily have all of the tracks I want to play to hand, hence using tidal. (The aforementioned 90’s set a case example) The Engine software, I cannot at all, get to work on my laptop. It says Windows is missing files. I replace them, another file is missing, and on it goes. I’ve given up. Its ridiculous. As somebody who also from time to time does the odd bit of mobile dj’ing including weddings, yes, for that Tidal is ok. For the majority of what I use it for (house/deep/tech etc… mixing) it’s awful. Radio edits are pretty much most of what’s available, which are useless when a great deal of the time the Prime 4 cannot even manage a basic attempt at analysing a track itself. BPM’s way out, and cue points/markers incorrect - That 16 beat radio edit pre loop isnt much fun when the grids out.

Beatport sounds like a huge leap forward though. Any news on when this can be expected?


One thing. We’re here to help. Perhaps we can get Engine Prime working. I hope you use Windows10? Otherwise please try any new version that’s in the works. The public beta is closed, but people had positive results, were previous versions couldn’t install on the same machine.

Beatport Link is being worked on. I don’t want to say “soon”, as that is a heavy word around here. :sunglasses:

BPM detection is also being vastly improved in both software and hardware.


Lol, did You read the whole topic here?

That was last year - spotify stopped working with any dj apps

Tidal is remarkably impressive for the weddings I DJ. It’s like a top-tier supermarket for music, offering essentials and popular choices :grinning: Spotify, in comparison, feels like a makeshift burger stand in a quirky neighborhood.

Hi Kamtro and welcome to the forum :+1:

I don’t agree with you on Spotify though. Although it can’t be used on DJ kit any more, being the market leader it does have advantages. More users = more playlists. More playlists = more variety.

I find their recommendations and ‘enhance’ useful too.

Generally I start the ball rolling in Spotfy and then convert my playlist over to a service I can use.

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