Other effects stand alone

Hello, I wanted to know if it will add more effects in stand alone mode. I do not think nothing impossible …

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Thank you for the suggestion. This would require an update.

Obviously. It would be very interesting to add other effects :slight_smile: For example flanger, transform, delay, etc …

What if there is only space in the firmware for 3 fx’s? Because…im 99% sure that’s the case. Consider this:

  • would you be willing to replace one with the other?
  • how would the mcx8000 comunity decide what fx to replace and with what?
  • if you are not satisfied with the choosen fx and you don’t update the firmware, what would you do when another firmware (based on the previous one) adds critical OS support (gotta love those macs)?
  • would you then blame Denon?

What I’m trying to say…it’s never gonna happen. If they have space in the firmware chip on the mcx8000, they would have done it by now (choice of effects was criticized in all of the reviews).

Would of been good if the mcx8000 had some config software like the weGo does so you could choose what effects to have in those slots…

We are in 2017. I do not think that the firmware chips can be so limited … In my opinion, Denon has deliberately left 3 effects on trade issues (presumably to leave more space for new CDJ). For example, with the new version of Serato, the ‘pitch’ n play "function, which was exclusive for mcx8000, it has now been added on other controllers.

A gripe that I have with midi, is that it’s versatility is also its weakness. The way that you can assign any encoder (button, switch, knob, slider etc) can be made to work any function… the downside is whatever encoder you assign a particular function to, is going to be labelled something else.

Most standalone effects are not firmware generated, but sourced through a fx chip. Effects can be grouped for example flange, chorus, phaser are all derived from fhe delay genre, similarly there are lots of offspring fx derived from reverb (plate/hall/echo etc). Some fx chips only offer 2 or 3 base effects, whereas some fx chips offer 16, 32 99 or more base effects.

There might be some other “related” or family effects which could be squeezed out of the 8000 but it would mean adjusting a Hall effect by twiddling A knob labelled “noise”

Now if Denon DJ were to consider making an external fx box with its own dedicated display that could be connected to any mixer or deck… now that would be most interesting

If the comunity can decided, I need a double tap feature with :

  • Echo / Reverb
  • Phaser / Flanger
  • Delay / Transform
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Those are my most common effects as well although I would prefer a proper Gater effect (like in Traktor) over the Transform.

I am 1000% in favor of the flanger instead of the phaser. Phaser just seems so cheesy to me.

And it would be much better if the Echo effect for the mic inputs was swapped for the/a more usable reverb effect. The first effect everybody uses on a mic is reverb!

You’re right Zoop, It struck me as an odd choice for a Mic effect, especially as you can’t adjust the feedback timing on the echo. It would make more sense if the Mic echo time matched the bpm of the main FX - I wonder if that could be implemented with an update?

If I had the choice:

  1. Change Phaser to Flanger
  2. Change Echo to Delay
  3. Change Noise to Reverb
  4. Apply effects POST X_FADER!!! (I know that will never happen, but just in case Denon aren’t aware) With regards to limited space for more effects on the 8000. Giving users the option to download a firmware version that has their preferred effects in it would be a solution. BTW… Has anyone else noticed that the echo effect continues to echo everything after the first turn of the knob? What I mean is, if I turn the knob up to echo a short piece of vocal then turn it down again, then another minute later I turn it up to echo another vocal stab, the first piece of vocal that I originally “echo’d” is still running. The only way to get a fresh clean vocal is to actually switch the effect off. Now perhaps it’s just me, but that doesn’t seem like the correct way for it to work. It should start the echo on the first piece of audio it receives when the knob is turned up & cut it off when the knob is turned down.
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We hope to come out some updates! It 'a wonderful machine. I think adding some effect is minimal.

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This is really what the unit should have shipped with!!