Organising Party in the Metaverse

Any tips of setting this up?

  • What metaverse technology to use? I heard of Fortnite, Sansar, others?
  • How to stream audio / video?

Anyone experience with this? YT vids or reads?


I have experience from performing in a number of metaverse events (sansar/altspace/vrchat) and a certain level of understanding around the organisation. Put simply you need a world for the event or somebody to build you one, then djs will stream their sets on twitch (YT doesn’t allow full screen embedding unless you have 4000 subscribers +) and the stream url is embedded on the web projection screen in the meta world club along with the audio. In the larger events I played in Sansar (the best metaverse imo) the production team have their own rtsp server and vmix which allows for a much slicker event with professional levels of production making it seem less to transition between multiple camera shot and different djs.

I’m sure there are many other ways of doing it but this is just my understanding from a performers perspective and if you need another DJ for you party please let me know!

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No disrespect here… :musical_note:

Me und my friends had a good rave tonight. The first since over 2 years. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Was like the first small illegal underground partys we made 25 years ago! Back then, we used to to create our own metaverse, in our own reality…in nature!

20 people made the whole world these nights, sometimes 300…

Seems im old, but what about just freakin out in reality…with a hand full of people instead of 20 ip adresses… …doin stuff you will remember a whole lifetime… …in Reality…

#full contact handshake #rave on

just a semigrey raverhuman thinkin bout stuff…

not that i dont like stream events… :yum:

peace out…have a nice sunday!


thx for your reply RikBert. I’m also more into real life parties. But that is not the point: I’m interested how it works and what are the in and outs.

Hi W1nt0n thx for your insight. Interesting to know Sansar is the way to go. Was it a high learning curve? Any tips or tricks before i dive in?

Not really, just create an account, avatar and go explore and see what it can offer.