Opposite Loop

Hi Folks, is there a functionality in Prime 4 that cuts parts of a song out? I mean if there is for example a vocal i do not like. Is it possible to create two cue points and song position line jumps automatically from cue 1 to cue point 2? This way i would cut out the vocals or a special area of the track. If there would be a function that allows to loop maybe one time i could create a loop that repeats one time before the part to be cut out follows afterwards. Can you follow? Is this possible with the Prime4 or are these functionalities which are on the roadmaps for the prime 4? Thx in advance Chris

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This is a great idea, it is not implemented but you could post a feature request! I would not call it opposite loop (because it has nothing to do with loops), but something like hotcuejump, or hotjump, or activejump, or something like that. Great idea by the way!

I believe this is called FLIP

Very handy feature in Serato DJ