Online Music Download lag for over 10 seconds before startable

Yesterday I tried to download a song from tidal on my prime 4+ and start it. But nothing happend after chosing a player. The download progress bar completed but the song didn’t show up. I tried different things, swithched to download from amazon music but the same thing happened. I loaded several songs to different decks and suddenly the tidal song appeared. I tried several reboots but the issue is still there. I found out, that it takes at least 10 seconds, before the cue button is blinking, but you can still not see the waveform or the title of the song. A few seconds later the waveform will show up, maybe only after you start the song. This is a very concerning issue because it will leave me in a big trouble… Is there a chance for help? Thank you in advance. Greetings from Germany… DJ SneJ