Online broadcasting

I would like to know if you can broadcast the music online through the interwebs as on my old ddj sx and serato it was possible. Be it through discord or skype or twitch and I could. But on the prime 4 I can’t seem to do that.

So does anyone know how to do this cos my friends across the world ain’t getting to listen to me making there house party’s boom.

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If serato supports the prime 4 then yes, by putting the Prime 4 in controller mode and using it with serato, else no.

This would make a good feature request.

If Denon DJ can add streaming services to the Prime units then it would be totally possible to build in a few broadcasting apps for different platforms.

Spreadcaster is one that comes to mind. Mixlr is another.

If you suggest it I’m sure it will have a lot of support. I know I’ll +1 it for sure.

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Great idea so ive made a new request.

Been better to add it as a request then be told it’s already on the prime 4, rather than have two almost identical worded post titles - annoying

Well if ya notice no one as said its on the Prime 4 when i originally posted this topic and then @MrWilks thought it would make a good feature request so i made 1. But thx for the feedback it was very creative.

Sure. No problem.

A single post will help keep all the likes and comments undiluted

Imho, use a small mixer designed for the purposes of streaming/podcasting. This gives you the option of hooking up a condenser mic (phantom power) with a lot of extra features (should you want to announce anything for your show or about your mixes), plugging in the audio output from your controller and then recording/simulcasting your total mix (so including mic) into your PC.

My go-to mixer (it sits on my desk where it also doubles as my PC sound card) is the Yamaha AG03, because it has the long mic fader which I like. The AG06 is almost the same size but has more channels, but sacrifices the nice long fader for two mic channel gain knobs.

Read this pdf for some insight on how to set this up.

Just my three cents as usual.

Yamaha AG-series - The Why.pdf (373.3 KB)

Thanks for the info i might pick myself 1 of those up.

Question though. Would the mixer pick up the Prime 4 so i could play my music through twitch / or is it just for the Mic.

Did you read the pdf?

As it sits on my desk, I hook up my mic, my controller and my monitor speakers to the mixer. Then the master output is available in my PC for use in casting software or recording (copy of Cubase AI LE included) and post production. Just gain stage everything for 0dB before you start and you are good to go.

If any drawback, it would be that if you mix in headphones (and if you want to do mic work, you don’t want your monitors going), you can’t add the mic sound to tour headphones. The mic is on the mixer and your headphones would be on your controller. Personally in such cases I slide one side of my headphones off my ear, so I can still hear my voice while announcing and the master music output in my other ear.

Hope that helps

And at about 130-140 euro including the daw light version I think it’s priced right.

Cool thx just bought myself one.

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Enjoy it ! (x12 characters)

The AG03 arrived today and ive installed it and the drivers but im still having trouble being able to broadcast the Prime 4 over it. Do you own the Prime 4? as i cant for the life of me work out how u do it.