Old setup looking for a refresh

A friend of mine (Stu) used to mix (bedroom DJ) but we’re talking a LONG time ago, 20+ years. He still has his 1210’s from back in the day and a fairly new mixer (maybe 3 years old) which his wife bought him to try and get him interested again. He’s been really interested in my SC Live 4 (again I’m only an amateur “DJ”) He always tell’s me that it would be too expensive to get back into it, Vinyl will be that expense I’m sure!. I kept telling him you can just get yourself an interface and get on Serato easy! - Well now he’s actually picked me up on it :smile:

Problem is I probably talked a good game without really knowing the full details, ie which gear etc.

I could and will go and ask uncle Google, but I thought what better place to get some advice than my trusty DJ forum, full of actual DJ’s who know their stuff.

Cheers Guys!

Haha I thought you were talking about me then :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The Reloop Flux is coming soon, it’s a brand new Serato interface and works with all modern computers and the latest Serato versions… should be hitting shops in the nest few weeks.

And you’re right, DVS is 100% his best solution.

Can you find out what mixer he bought?


Cheers Stu,

His mixer is a Numark M101 it has USB aparently for what that’s worth?

Will deffo look into Reloop Flux, that sounds promising.

It doesnt look like that mixer supports any of the software so yeah that Reloop Flux is definitely the best solution to get him up and running with digital Djing and his 1210s.

Or DVS that is not tied down to a particular audio interface.

Numark Scratch mixer. Scratch | Numark

Or the DJM-S3

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The Flux is class compliant so works across the board.

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The flux would probably be the best choice.

The Numark is a good choice too.

The djm s3 is not class compliant so I would stay away from it.

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If the Numark had hardware effects I’d jump straight on it as it’s an excellent value mixer.

They have good track record with providing updated drivers …even for “discontinued” stuff.

FWIW avoid the SL boxes…they are no longer supported.

They do but it’s still not class compliant with Apple. The Flux and the Numark can work with your iPad/iPhone (Djay Pro) the pioneer can’t. However there is the djm s5 which works with everything and looks to be more future proof than the djm s3

Annoyingly though, the S5’s looping functions in Serato are horrible… one of the most baffling decisions I’ve seen on DJ gear, not including a loop encoder.

Cheers guys, knew you wouldn’t let me down!

So we’re looking at the Reloop Flux or the Numark Scratch is there anything that would sway you’s to one over the other?

Reloop Flux allows you to use any mixer on the planet, but you would need an additional controller for loops, cue pads, track selection etc (like a DDJ-XP2 for example) whereas the Numark Scratch has most built in, with the downside being not being able to use the effects on real vinyl as they are purely for Serato only.