Old hand from Holland

Howdy folks,

54 this year and celebrating 40 years on the decks. Been there, done that, gotten and lost t-shirts and other pieces of clothing for just about anything that came by in those years. Clearly started with vinyl (no SL-1200s in the beginning LOL), CDs and been digital for quite a while now.

These days mostly mobile gigs and limiting myself, so only picking the fun gigs.

Got my own gear and currently own an MCX8000 (and have an SC2000 for next to my desktop computer). Have been a great Denon fan since forever, from the first dual-deck DJ players through to the 500-series mixer, X1600, SC2900s, MC6000 (first edition).

Rather involved in the business still. I have been for a few years and still am a moderator for the Digital DJ Tips forums.

Next to DJ-ing I am also a licensed sound engineer (studio/live) and have a long experience with both sound and lighting systems.

Look forward to getting back in touch with the Denon community, having some interesting discussions on anything DJ-related and maybe offer some help and knowledge here and there.

Greetinx from Holland, Chuck “DJ Vintage” van Eekelen

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Hallo Chuck :smiley:

Welkom hier, ik hoop een hoop van je te leren. :+1:

Gr. Hennie