Official Denon Traktor mapping. Plus HID/SCREEN support if possible

Denon team, can we have an official Traktor mapping scheme, directly from the pros (you guys) please. This would be awesome as I feel Serato is amazing for certain situations, and Traktor is amazing for certain situations as well. If you guys can get the screens going on Traktor, (with the NI team’s collaboration), that would be amazing as well. I think everyone that owns an MCX8000, loves their MCX8000, but being tied to Serato DJ might feel like a “limitation” to some of us. I feel this would greatly benefit every MCX8000 owner.


I do wish that Native Instruments were seen to be a little more collaborative with manufacturers.

I feel that NI have been a little introvert since …since…since they started making their own controllers

It’s NI who don’t seem to be willing to play nice with anyone anymore, not the other way around. There isn’t much Denon or anyone else can do about it until NI changes their philosophy a little.

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Any chance of releasing a more detailed midi command list for the 8000? I’m referring to the detailed midi out for screens & Sys-Ex commands in particular. Making custom mappings would be a lot easier if Denon would share this with us. This is a midi controller after all. Something as simple as a all fader request isn’t possible to map without this info. Why isn’t this made available to us?


I agree the fader request Sysex should have been in the doc and probably the info to make the screens work too. I figured out and use the fader request Sysex bytes with midi monitor on ‘spy’. The 7 byte seq is the fader request. There also appeared a 26 byte sequence- I don’t know what this is for. Might have to do with the screens, maybe:

Keeping this thread Alive as I (and I’m sure many others) would really like an OFFICIAL Denon TRAKTOR PRO 2 midi mapping scheme. The screens can be ommited, but the midi mapping is doable. I read that Pioneer provides OFFICIAL Pioneer TRAKTOR mappings for some of their CDJs, so I don’t really see why Denon couldn’t really don’t need same thing. Anyone interested in something like this, let it be known. Maybe if we make enough noise, Denon will listen. So Denon, please make an OFFICIAL Denon TRAKTOR PRO 2 midi mapping scheme for the MCX8000 (minus screens) just like Pioneer does for some of their CDJs. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hello. I highly hope that an official mapping for Traktor will be created shortly to be bound to a single software is a real limitation.

Hello friends. I’ve been doing a mapping for our denon for some time but I can not get the screens to work. Some tell me that I have to enter a hardware id so that traktor sends information to the screens and others tell me that it is traktor must have implemented that information and since it is not a controller traktor ready, they will not do it. Can anyone clear my doubts about it?

Any Denon developers have any insight on DjCacho’s question ? He’s been working constantly to get his traktor mapping to where it’s at, and we’d really appreciate the input, so that he may advance the mapping, and maybe get the screen to work.

In previous projects where unusual features are present (platter ring LEDs, colour screen displays) there has been a certain amount of assistance required from the software manufacturers, who, in this case, would be Native instruments.

Yes, please! I would love to see an official Traktor mapping for the MCX8000. It would be awesome if the screens were able to work with Traktor, but I would be okay with a mapping where everything else works exactly as it should. There is already an official Traktor mapping for the MC7000, so why not one for the MCX8000. I love the controller and I really like Serato, but Traktor allows for more creativity and control. I want to use my favorite controller with my favorite software!

With all of my previous experience with NI Traktor and Denon and general knowledge of hardware/software integration with regards to DJ equipment in the past I can safely tell you that now, 2 years after the controller was launched, there is ZERO chance of it getting any kind of Traktor support from Denon. No amount of forum posts here or on NI forum will change that.

The only thing that would have changed that is if Denon decided not to release the MC7000 then the MCX8000 would have probably gotten a Denon .tsi mapping file that would function the same as any other Traktor user mapping - no screens, no jog LED rotating lights.