Numark's Mixstream Pro running on Engine OS

Just saw a review of the new Mixstream Pro. Numark is under the Denon umbrella and it’s essentially an Denon DJ product. Really great unit for the aspiring DJ. From what I’m hearing the price will be around $600 (U.S.).


That’s great. …but also very frustrating.

Lose the speakers, give it a proper mic channel with balanced input & EQ, add a booth output. Then you’d have a useable slightly larger alternative to the Prime Go.

I believe it’s geared for those interested in Djing. It’s targeting those kids that would buy a DDJ-SB or similar.


Fair play to Inmusic, seeking to add products into the OS eco system. This will give new DJs a taste of the system and once their skills develop, can upgrade to SC range or prime 2 or 4. Clever marketing.


This is very exciting. Can’t wait to see what else inMusic comes up with for Engine.

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…but those things are not required by the people this is aimed at.

I can see this making a lot of Numark users/buyers very happy.

Also as it’s got built in speakers, in some ways it’s a step up from the Go for portable use. You could get the 12v from a power pack that has PD (with a suitable cable) and you’re away.


It is really a fun device to play with. Not too heavy and the speakers really do sound okay. Power on and play. Mojaxx’ review is spot-on!

And yes, my complaints were: would be nice with a battery and longer pitch faders! However, that doesn’t kill the fun of it.


Hello there

Any comparison of this numark vs prime go?

It was on my prediction list around two years ago as I could see them using Engine as a future inMusic brand going forward. I like it a lot and think it will be spot of with those speakers.



Hola @El_Corsario,

The Mixstream Pro doesn’t have many pro-level inputs/outputs, also no battery power option. I wouldn’t recommend it for weekly events (or any at all). This is more for a beginner DJ who wants to get familiar with DJ technology and then perhaps wants to invite some friends over for a small in home party. I wouldn’t suggest anyone buying this to play events/clubs weekly.

It’s half the price of the Go, but has bigger jogs (which is where the Go is very limited IMO) and onboard speakers, which I think make it better than the Go for outdoor music.

Get yourself a battery pack with USB-C Power Delivery, and a “smart” cable that will instruct the battery to provide 12V, and you have a nice solution.

Is the NS7 version fun too? Lol

Inmusic is gonna saturate the market with engine dj.


I agree that the mic input is a slight downer but not the booth. You can use the RCA out for booth monitors (all monitors will have own volume). I think this Numark is a great backup option to the P4 & notably cheaper than the Prime Go - especially when you consider that hopefully the need to use your backup would never arise.

I couldn’t imagine using this as a back up for a pro-level event. I would recommend that any back up equipment is either the same level or close to the level of your main equipment.

I have the Prime 4 but am looking for a backup - which was going to be the Prime Go.

Still could be… but this Numark has got me thinking because it is a good £400 cheaper & bearing in mind a backup will hardly (& hopefully, never) be needed, it seems a good move. Of course, it won’t be up to the level of the P4 but it should be good enough to see out the night (& plus some) in the event of a P4 breakdown whilst your main system is being repaired/replaced.

The only real issue is the poor mic control but I’m not a frequent mic user & so I’m cool with that :grin::microphone:

We need to see the Go vs Mixstream in a head to head :sunglasses:

Having no EQ on the mic isn’t necessarily an issue if you use the right mic.

I’ve heard bad mic sound on the Go, but also really good clear mic sound - so good I enquired about the mic being used. This mic works great with the Go (as used by Bruce Springsteen!)


Seems a reasonably priced mic too.

I’m steering towards the Numark as a backup. Looks quite fun & as you said earlier, probably more portable than the Go with the added speakers (for fun aspect around friends). Many people using software & laptops will have tablets & phones as a backup & so all things considered, I think you can’t go wrong with the Numark. All that is needed in addition would be to throw in an additional power cable & an xlr-trs mic lead (I use xlr to xlr on the P4).

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Hello everyone ! have you seen the news of numark mixstream pro? with engine dj on board, since I have a first 4, I would like to have a smaller backup console for smaller events such as aperitifs or smaller parties then a console like this would be very useful! but I would like to know if others will come out with engine dj so as not to make a hasty purchase! if anyone has any rumors about new products with engine dj I’d like to know so to wait or take the new numark!

Maybe some Stanton products will come out soon, also featuring Engine.

Seeing Engine on multiple “first time DJing” brands would be a great idea.

Don’t forget there’s ION also. Lol.

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