numark Mixstream pro plus- questions

Hi all, just ordered my Mixstream Pro Plus. Not had a mixer in a long time as i sold all of my music so I’ve ordered this to use with a streaming service. The question i have is … Can i add a playlist from Beatport or Amazon music, Analyse the tracks to get BPM and Key so i can sort my set? or is this only available if you use your own music files? Thanks guys.

No way to bulk analyze streaming services tracks yet.

But when you load a track it’s analyzed, so a way to do a sorta bulk analysis is to switch to +100 pitch and play the playlist in continuous mode at a sped up pace.

Don’t forget to select a storage drive before starting as the information is stored on your drive

Cant record either, looks like its going back. Really dosent suit me. Didnt say any of this in there advertising. Should never of sold all my music but thought thus was the solution.

You could use it with Serato or Virtual DJ, those solutions allow for bulk analysis of streaming music.

There is a feature request for better streaming support

BTW Beatport and Beatsource streaming services provide BPM information

Only Tidal does not.