Numark Mixstream pro go

Tune in at 3pm to see what is improved:)

Might have to get myself one of these tbh, very tempting.

Numark Mixstream Pro Go Review - Truly Standalone, Truly Pro? - YouTube


Looking an awesome addition this, and checkout the new FX too :slight_smile:

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How do you beat jump with that unit? Haven’t seen any dedicated buttons, maybe using the screen?

Sad that they didn’t include an aux in port :frowning:

Mixstream Pro never had Beatjump buttons, same for Aux.

For the price, still a great all-in-one solution. I stick with my beefy SC Live 4 + Powerbank combo, though :wink:

Btw, the new FX screen looks dope!

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Im guessing its all about cost savings in that respect.

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but I don’t understand what you mean by the new fx

Have a watch of Mojaxx review or the Crossfader performance video and you’ll see the new on screen FX pad being demo’d… plus they also have ‘frequency’ as an option now.

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I need this :arrow_down:

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Seeing as they have gone in the direction of mobile/battery power, I cant ever see them adding moving platters onto it, it would reduce the battery capacity to less than an hour of mixing.

If i didn’t have the Prime GO i would be seriously interested in this.


Yeah it’s a very interesting device no doubt. I love my little Mixtrack Pro FX too, the mixer layout is great with the FX paddles.

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Not necessarily, with belt driven platters the batteries can still last quite decently (just look at portable turntables lakke the PT01, STX, SPIN, OMNI…etc). Moreove, external battery packs can also be used with USB/DC adapters (9/12volts)

Yeah the Mixstreams are great, even better now with the battery. I didn’t actually keep mine for too long as I swapped it out for the SC Live 4. Looking forward to the 3.1 update now :star_struck:

  • I really LOVE the new color theme (bleu/green/grey/white) ! The red/black/white colors were just to awful, Numark should stop using it even if it an historical thing

  • The battery powered is also really cool (the 4+ hours autonomy is crazy) but can justify the 200$ price increase compared to the pro+ model

  • VDJ compatibility and future SDJ compatibility make this unit the most polyvalent gear ever !

  • I saw Cleveland Terry review and what he said on the futur Engine OS 3.1 and 3.2 updates are exciting !!! InMusic is just killing the standalone game hands down !

If someone can confirm me the crossfader can be replaced (by an innofader) I will seriously consider buying this Mixstream Pro GO!

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Very interesting! :+1:

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The Mixstream Pro Go looks like a fantastic piece of kit! Perfect for taking to the park for a BBQ on a summer day.

Now this is out I really hope we get some news on the Prime 4 + soon.


Even more, Phil also mentioned several highly interesting points of improvment coming soon (hopefully), like Fuzzy Keymixing, daylight mode, bluetooth streaming (aka Smartphone Aux) and smart playlists/crates. All of these are big points. Add the new FX screen/engine to that and BOOOOM.

As for the Pro Go:

  • Stupid name, and now three variants of the same product. Also there’s still the Prime Go.
  • Great colors / finish, love the grey chassis a lot
  • Great flexibility (USB+SD+Streaming+VDJ+SDJ)
  • Battery plus speakers, killer combo
  • Getting a bit expensive now, though
  • 4 pads are ok for me, short pitch faders not so much
  • Overall cool update, but would have made more sense to skip the Pro Plus alltogether and wait a bit. Then offer a regular ‘Mixstream’ for 500-600 bucks and a ‘Mixstream Plus’ for 700-800.
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I just got it in the mail and currently at the moment it only has firmware 3.0.1 and does not have the touch screen effects or the frequency effects. Hopefully Nuwmark gets the firmware up in the next couple days. Crossfader is not replaceable and currently the EQ has no kills. Filter has no kill either. Speakers sound good if you turn up the highs on your EQ. Definitely enjoying it more than my Denon DJ GO.

One of the channels said mid June for the 3.1 firmware.

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History may repeat itself.

Lets not forget how the price of the SC Live controllers dropped price substantially after launch causing the units to sell out in many places.