Numark Mixstream Pro Go Crossfader issue

Hi all,

My Mixstream Pro Go has a crossfader where when I have the cut type pushed all the way to the right, which is the best for scratching, I am getting a bleed from the left side deck when the fader is all the way right. The sound comes through from the left deck and fiddling with the fader cap in the right side corner it will cut out and come back in. I’m sure it’s a bad fader right? Its crazy because the device is not that old and I haven’t even played on it that much. How hard is it to replace the fader in this controller? Is there a way to “re-calibrate” it first to see if that will fix the issue? TIA for replies.


firstly ill start by saying that the Mixstream is firmly in the ‘budget DJ gear’ range of products so it might be good to manage some expectations around the components used on such gear. Ive had a play around with one in the shop and it looks to me like the majority of the knobs, faders and the jog wheels are the same used on my Mixtrack Pro FX (£160 controller)… Scratch DJs are renowned for being heavy when it comes to gear usage so this likely isn’t the best piece of gear for that application.

As far as changing the crossfader goes, it looks like the Innofader mini fits inside that unit, so you must be able to change it somehow, and my advice would be to swap your crossfader out for one of those asap, both from a quality and a use case perspective.

What if you move the contour back (left) a little?

Well I didn’t buy it specifically for scratching. I bought it to mix tunes on road trips, in the car on my lunch break at work, and just in “out and about” situations. With that said, I got this over the Prime Go because the jogs are bigger which to me equals “better for scratching”. I don’t expect the crossfader to be like my Ecler Eternal fader or DJM-S11 crossfaders, but I should be able to turn the contour all the way to the “cutting” mode and not have it bleed. I was doing basic scratches on it… babys, chirps, stabs, boomerangs, transforms and things of that nature. It is perfectly capable of those types of scratches to a degree. I’ll look into the mini Innofader solution. I wonder if it has a detachable cable or would require soldering. I’ll try to reach out to the guys at Innofader to see what they say.

Yeah I think that Innofader would be a massive upgrade for your use case, im sure it’ll just be plug and play (with some form of removal of the top plate).

It is frustrating getting bleed on the fader too, my Partners Brother-in-law has a DJM-S7 and when using Serato he gets bleed in the headphones, works perfectly with vinyl though :person_shrugging:t3:

Edit: it does need some soldering.

I forgot I had some DeoXit Fader F100 so I sprayed that in there and it fixed the issue. No more fader bleed. If it didn’t look like such a chore, I’d consider switching to an Innofader anyway, but I can’t stand soldering and don’t really have the space now to do it properly. But yeah, that DeoXit stuff is a lifesaver. Maybe this will help someone else. L8r!

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