Not working with macOS Catalina

hi, i bought the mcx800 a few days ago…i have tested it but there is a big problem. Display freeze track and after 1 hours display get black with some error that can i solve only with flashing a firmware.

i use mac os catalina and last update of mcx8000 firmware and last update of serato dj pro.

Are there any chances that compatibility with mac os catalina could be resolved? How can i solve this problem? thx a lot


Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of Apple addressing the issue in their software. Here is a bit more detail.

We discovered waveform drop outs during our initial testing a few months ago. We reported this to Apple immediately but unfortunately, the behavior has not yet been addressed (we’re chasing).

At the moment this is the only issue holding back official sign off so, the device is still usable on Catalina with this caveat. There are no concerns with device enumeration, control functionality or audio stream.

We’ll be sure to inform everyone once we officially sign off on the compatibility.

Macs seem to be loosing their “better than pc” shine, the more that Apple keep releasing these “sod everybody else’s drivers and firmware, we’re dropping a new OS every few months, whether it works with everything, or not” updates.

Having the same problem, screens don’t work properly, effects sections blank etc… so had to go back to Mojave

Tim Cook is a SC!

Hi All,

We have just released a mac driver for the MCX8000 that adds official Catalina support.

Please note that the driver is signed by ‘Akai Professional’ (one of our sister brands). We decided to release this with the ‘Akai Professional’ signing as it would have taken months to receive official signing on a driver with ‘Denon DJ’ or ‘inMusic Brands’ and we wanted to get this out to our users sooner than later.

You can find the Mac Driver here:

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