Not enough disk space to download track

Getting issue not enough disk space to download track only try to download a 3 minute track only started having this issue when i reformatted my 1 tb ssd drive to replace updated and reorganised music library my internal drive is completely empty now formatted exfat

Select a source drive before connecting to streaming services.

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I’m able to use streaming service with or without source disk though

Well the second image is the source drive error. I think I haven’t seen the first image error.

I have tried that makes no difference

It probably cannot access the drive to put an Engine folder on it. Are you sure it’s formatted to right way? MBR layout and ExFAT.

Formatted to exfat. What is Mbr layout

There is and engine db file created by prime 4

I really need to get this problem sorted as soon as possible

then mbr means by master both record! if you format with mac you can choose the type of layout! with windows maybe you can’t!

Cant seem to find that option i am am trying with a MacBook Air

Hi @Danno999 What macOS version is running on the Macbook Air?

You could try the following to show the advanced options of the Disk Utility application:

  • Completely close the “Disk Utility” application
  • Open the “Terminal” application (in Applications> Utilities) and paste the following line:

defaults write advanced-image-options 1

  • Hit enter

Now you can open the “Disk Utility” application again and select the external disk that you wanted to format. Now go to “Delete” (not Partition) and choose the option “Master Boot Record (MBR)” .

This could be the solution if the Mac is running on El Capitan for example. If not we’re gonna look further

I have tried that but still no luck

Remove all the drives connected to the prime 4 including the inbuilt SSD. See if you can stream.

If you can’t stream, flash Firmware again,

If that doesn’t help contact support

I have just tried that with no luck i contacted customer support about a week ago no reply from them yet but what i am reading customer support is very poor

@Anthony_DDJ one for you

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Hey @Danno999 - I apologize you haven’t been contacted yet. I’d be happy to help. Feel free to DM me your information (name / phone number / email ) and I’ll get you sorted.

Thanks @mufasa !


Do you actually check in to the customer support response times as it seems a lot of people get no response to their emails at all. Been happening for years now.

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I would remove this if you want less spam. DM @Anthony_DDJ by forum message system.

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Hey @kradcliffe - Typically our team will respond within 1 business day. However, every case is different and our apologies if a ticket has not been responded to. If anyone does have issues getting in contact with support, DMing me direct with any information related to the submitted ticket will allow me to follow up with the technical agents.

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