Noise at sample rate 96

Hello Does anyone hear noise(static) in line and phono when sample rate is at 96?

Mine are clean.

Not me. Maybe checking the connections and cables and ground connections of plugged devices helps.

Its happening after i record from the mixer to laptop with usb. maybe because i have an older macbook i dont know but all my cables are mogami and im only using spdif to the players. Its digital static noise only hear it in the line or phono

Wait. You only hear it on a computer recording, but it only happens when you used the phono and line inputs on the mixer? But it’s digital noise?

Do you hear noise on the mixer’s analog outputs?

What’s the sample rate and bit rate of the recording software when you’re recording digital?

What’s the software?

What’s the bit rate and sample rate the macbook is set to while recording and playing back?

The recording comes out perfect but i hear it after recording. only can hear the noise in the phono and line inputs. I use logic pro and its set to 96 as well the mixer.
i have nothing hooked up to the line and phono inputs. Its an older macbook and i was told it could be conversion noise but i dont know cause i hear it it the analog lines

What? The recording is perfect but you hear it after recording? You hear noise on phono and line inputs but you don’t use them? This is pure confusion, dude. Sorry, this makes my brain hurt. Are you for real?


im using digital spdif from players to mixer i have nothing hooked up to phono or line yet. xlr is going to the amp.amp to cabinets. i use a usb from mixer to the laptop to record. i switch sample rate in utilities to 96k i set logic pro software to 96 k as well. when im making the mix im recording and only using digital line. After recording , i want to listen to the recording so i plug my laptop into the mixer line rca with a 1/8" to rca cable.thats when hear static in the lines. it shows as one or two bars on the meter

I’d recommend you just use the USB back to the mixer to hear the recording. Don’t bother with more variables like your macbook headphone jack, the 3.5mm to rca cable, etc.

If you wanted to, though, you could just plug your headphones into the macbook and listen to the recording there to check it. Does it sound ok?

Also, if there are still issues, open the recording in Logic and make sure it’s actually as perfect as you think it is. Try recording a simple 1khz test tone into Logic and then look at it. Does the recording still look like a clean sin wave in Logic zoomed in?

the recording is perfect i posted them on soundcloud amazing quality.

only the digital static noise in the line and phono is wierd. Even if i dont need to use those lines i still dont know why that happens.

only at 96 k not at 48 or 41

Does the macbook sound fine if you hook headphones into the 3.5 jack on it?

Do the Prime players sound ok hooked into the line inputs on the X1800 instead of the digital inputs?

never tried but im sure it would be fine cause i use that heaphone out to the mixer and its great. only i have to switch back to 44.1 or 48 so i dont get that noise.

i use on my laptop to hear the radio sometimes so i dont think the usb would work for that

You’ve never listened to headphones on your macbook?

Why did you mention the phono inputs?

because i was testing all the lines to hear where im getting noise. its only phono and line that has this noise.

no noise in digital, usb or dvs and only at sample rate 96

With 96khz mode on the X1800…

Keep the USB connected… what happens if you completely disconnect the 3.5 to rca cables between the macbook and X1800?

Keep the 3.5 to rca cable connected… what happens if you disconnect the USB cable?

What happens with both disconnected?

If you’re not in 96khz mode on the X1800, do you get any noise at any time with any of these hooked up or both disconnected?

same noise when connected or not connected but it usually goes away after i power down for a day or two. Then will come back after i make a recording

Please be more specific.

if i turn on the equipment tonight the noise might not be there at all . if i record again to the laptop at 96 k the noise will come back in the line and phono. i notice the noise after recording.
it is pretty much telling me that i cant use analog when im in sample rate 96k i would have to switch back to 48 or 44.

if im not in 96k i dont have any noise problem

My X1800 connected with XLRs now produces no extra noise when the analog inputs are selected when the USB is in use, anything is connected or not to the analog inputs properly, and regardless of the sample rate the X1800 is in.

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im bringing it in