No synchro HD->ENGINE DJ 3.3.0

Hello, i’m disapointed i’m new user of Engine DJ 3.3.0 (with Prime 4) I use only the same Hard ssd disk, all my collection are on this disk AND in collection in Engine dj of course. THEN, now i put some news songs directly on my SSD DISK , in some different folder (like : 2023 actualy tracks, remixs 90’s folder or ambient…for exemple) with another computer… When i connect my SSD DISK to my computer (Apple Monterey 12.6) Engine dj don’t detect the news tracks ! i’ve thougt "immediatly Engine detect new tracks and synchronize to Engine playlists ! ? I totaly wrong or what ?

Engine DJ does not go looking around your hard drive for new tracks!

You have to add new tracks yourself, using Engine DJ.

Ok :open_mouth: thank’s for your quikly reply

I would also recommend that you don’t just use one drive for everything.

Use the internal drive of the computer running Engine DJ as your source/master drive for the music collection, and the SSD (presumably this is a portable external unit) as your destination drive.


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