No Sound From RCA Inputs

I’ve tried this a few times and been unsuccessful. Is anyone able to connect an RCA input to their MC6000MK2’s from an iPod or iPhone and actually get sound? I’ve tried on channels 3 and 4 on numerous occasions and don’t get any response.

Of course, any RCA source. Just switch the input selector from PC to LNx :wink:

Yes, well I didn’t think I had to spell it out but I don’t get sound from the controller from the RCA inputs after turning Channel 3 or 4 to LN3/LN4 and making sure the back switch is set to Line not Phono.

Not sure about the mk2, but with the mk1 I had I used the backup option with my iPhone all the time. Even on channels 1/2.

That said, iDevices imho are notoriously low on output (headphone). I needed to turn them up to max. volume (be sure to turn off the limiter in the iDevice too) and then still run a very hot channel gain to get some serious sound out of them.

Another issue I have had in the beginning, was that the protective casing I had prevented the 3.5mm plug from going in completely, thus preventing the right contacts to be made. This too can lead to a lot of silence. Using a drill to enlarge the whole a bit solved that problem.

Not much, but perhaps it helps.

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Thanks. I’ve checked volumes and what not but I’ll check out the RCA inputs themselves in comparison to the cable ends. The cables work on my X1500S without a problem so maybe it’s just the connections on the controller. Good lookin out!

I am still having problems getting lines 3 and 4 working on my unit.

I have the top button set to Line 3 and the RCA input set to line but still no output.

Should this work as a standalone unit or do I need to change any settings in VDJ?

Three topics to ask one question ?

Was thinking, on the mk2 they changed the functionality of the USB OUTPUTS. There is a little switch on the back that lets you set what signal is sent to the computer. One setting says “LN3/4 thru to PC”. What I don’t know (and can’t check since I don’t have one) is if this setting prevents the output from going straight to channel also.

If so, having the switch set to this position, you would have to do the audio routing in your software. It’s worth setting the switch to the Rec Out position as that should have no impact in LN3/4 routing.

From the manual:

LN3/4 THRU TO PC output mode

Audio signals input to LINE3/4 are output directly to the PC without passing through the mixer of this unit. In this case, the audio signal is not output to the master audio even if the channel input source select knob is set to LN3/4.

So, flip that switch and enjoy!

Thank you for solving this!