No Rekordbox Mapping?

Just curious… why no Rekordbox mapping?

Personally, I’ve been torn between Serato and Rekordbox forever. On one hand, I’m a paid Serato user and have several Serato controllers. On the other hand, Pioneer is the de-facto standard in clubs and Rekordbox is the king at managing those libraries.

Guess I just like moving between each app. Then again, I’d rather not use any of the software on a laptop. I’d love for everything to be baked into the controller (screens, waveforms, etc.).

Okay, so why no Rekordbox mapping?

Because MC6000mk2 is Denon controller made for Serato. RekordboxDJ is no where near a standard DJ software (neither my market share nor by quality) and it makes zero sense for Denon to make a official mapping. That would be like going to Pioneer and asking them to support Engine analyzed usb sticks in their CDJ. Nobody is going to saw the branch they are sitting on.

Usually hardware manufacturers let users make mapping themselves for such third party software but in this case, RekordboxDJ doesn’t support mapping of jogwheel and other important functions on non-Pioneer controller. So, maybe you should go to Pioneer forum and ask them to enable users to make full mappings for their software first?

Since the “downloads” page offers mappings for Virtual DJ, Traktor, and even OtsAV, I’m gonna say it’s not because it’s “made for Serato.”

Having been in the industry for the past 30 years, I can tell you that supporting other people’s software is the #1 to convert those folks working in the industry. By supporting other software apps you reduce both the risk and learning curve for qualified customers… folks that are already spending money in the industry but not on your gear. Knowing you do not have to re-learn a new piece of software removes the roadblocks of potential customers.

In short, DJs using Pioneer gear are already spending money. Denon is a hardware manufacturer. Being able to hand a Pioneer DJ a controller, and simply saying, “Here, try our hardware”, is much different than saying, “Here, try our hardware but you have to learn / use a completely different piece of software.”

Not if “other people” are your no.1 competitor. You should know that since you’re “in the industry”. Also read the last part of my reply in case you missed it.

Just my two cents on this. I’ll second that while made for Serato (i.e. that is what you get with the controller, there is a manufacturer(s)-supported mapping and such), if you have the midi command listing (available) and/or as a software manufacturer want to invest time/money/resources into making a mapping for your software, you could.

However, RekordBox DJ (not talking about the collection management bit) was probably made to compete with Serato, but preferably with Pioneer gear (point in case a whole set of controllers identical to their predecessors, just RB-ready - and unable to map with any software!). Also it was likely made to prevent all those regular RekordBox with CDJ users that also wanted to use controllers to move to other DJ software. This way they could keep their existing installed base and even lock them harder into their eco-system.

As new software, they never put much emphasis on midi-mapping options for non-Pioneer gear, as there was much other stuff to implement/improve first.

So, generally speaking, there are manufacturers of both hardware and DJ software (NI also comes to mind) that are invested in their own eco-systems as opposed to DJ software manufacturers like VDJ, DJay Pro, Mixvibes, Serato and others that don’t make their own software and thus need to support as wide a range of controllers as they can to build a large enough market.

It is always interesting to see how these things play out.

curious if you ever found a mapper for got it to work with RBDJ?

But no one except Pioneer makes controllers working with Rekordbox. And I guess no one else will ever be allowed to.

Until Prime came here.

You can imagine how many shades of crimson red the pioneer staff went when they hear of Prime players being able to read usb sticks with rekordbox data hahaha

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And some third-party tools that let you prepare sticks that will play in just about anything. These are wonderful times.

There are so many topics about hardware and software tools designed to make us happy and, yet, so many of us speaks about Pioneer hardware equipment and software as being an industry “standard”. To me, personally, Pioneer, although it bask in the light of succes for a long time, is nothing else than a momentary leader. This situation could change anything as long as other hardware and software manufacturers take the bull by the horns and raise the standards of their products so that people can choose according to real quality and functionality of the products and according to their needs and styles. No one imposed Pioneer equipment as a standard to be used in the club or during live shows. It was just clever marketing, aggressive promotion campaign and, why not, a lot of things that are related to, let’s say, human behaviour. Of course Pioneer makes good equipment, but who was there during this time to really challenge them? Not many. The fact that Denon still exists in the business, while others chose to quit, is a good thing for all of us and a testimony to their dedication. So, trust Denon guys, give them time and help them be the best “non standard” equipment out there!