No output to speakers

Hoping someone can help me. My Prime go is not sending output to my speakers. The decks are loading, and everything is fine through the headphone output. Tracks are playing. Would resetting to factory settings solve this problem?

Is the master volume up and the crossfader in a position where you’d expect to have sound

Thanks Pasha-Both the Master volume and the deck volumes are up, and the crossfader is in the middle. I opened a ticket, but I am not expecting a quick reply

You didn’t mention how your speakers are connected.

Please confirm that you have a pair of powered speakers connected to the master output XLR or RCA sockets on the back of the Prime Go. Speakers are connected to power and turned on. Any volume/gain controls on the speakers are set to a reasonable level.

It would help if you told us what speakers you’re using, and also what cable from Go to speakers.

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Sorry to take so long to reply. I am using an Ion audio total ultra 500 watt powered speaker. Go is set to mono. I am using standard RCA cables. I also have a 500 watt total glow.Speaker volume is fine. I tried connecting the headphone output to the speaker Aux input and got sound from both decks.First sign of trouble was two days ago when the right hand deck would not play, and the sound quality on the left was very poor.

Are you saying that before two days ago, the output was working correctly?

Has anything happened to the Go recently (dropped, liquid spillage, somebody borrowed it etc)?

The output was working on the left deck only. The go is kept in an odyssey case, so no spillage. Never been dropped or loaned out.

Tried today with RCA Cables, XLR cables, and Bluetooth adapter. Also returned to factory settings. Still only headphone output. Opened a ticket several days ago asking for a callback.No response!

Can you post a picture of the actual unit as it looks right now? Just to see if any of the button-positions looks off or so.

It’s a long shot, but wouldn’t be the first time that it’s a simple setting that’s been the issue (sometimes you can “stare yourself blind” when troubleshooting). Just before you send it off for repair :blush:

What firmware is the controller running ?

It’s running 2.3.2.

Am working on sending a picture-just not sure how to do it in the forum.

I definitely have a technical problem. My support ticket was never answered. Nobody in my area wants to repair the unit. Does anybody know the procedure for sending the product to Denon for repair?

Have you tried an earlier version of firmware? Had a similar issue, rolled back to 2.2.2 and everything works fine again.

It did happen after the update-sorry but I’m not very good with these things-how do I rollback to 2.2.2

Decided to try every setting on console.Not sure which button worked, but problem solved.

Maybe crossfader assign ?

Not the crossfader. A friend was trying to help me. Not sure what he pressed, but everything works now.

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