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Hello can anyone help me please? I’ve just joined the Denon Dj world by buying a SC6000M. I have around 6000 MP3’s which I have on my Mac hard drive. Which I have imported into my rekordbox collection and in my Traktor collection where the artwork is showing in both. I downloaded the latest engine software and imported the same MP3’s into engine and they have all imported but with no artwork? I’ve tried re load track info I’ve tried uninstalling engine and re installing Still can’t get art work

This on MacBook Pro running Monterey

Thanks in advance Matt

You need to include the artwork to file. With mp3 tag. I think they should lay as .jpg files on the folder of your tracks. If they are not included in the mp3 files, they will not shown up.

you can do this with free software : mp3tag

Hi thanks for speedy reply! But…. I don’t have jpegs in the folder? And I’ve got 6000 tracks to do this too? And when get new music I have to do this every time? Here’s a photo of a folder where one of tracks is and the get info window for it.

Any more ideas? Cheers Matt

Tried to re-analyse the batch?

Is it showing up as no artwork or as a grey box?

You probably have to make the covers smaller. I converted them to a maximum of 300x300 in my meta tag program.

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Tried three times, no avail!

Just the grey record sleeve

I don’t really want to go down the avenue of having to manually change things. If rekordbox and Traktor both see the artwork for the same files I really don’t understand why engine can’t?

did you try “re-import track information”

Screenshot 2022-01-12 222607

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Oof. That’s a strange one. Make sure the tracks and folders aren’t set to read only.

Yeah did exactly that and removed all my tracks from collection and re imported

How did you add the tracks to Engine Collection?

via rekordbox xml or traktor nml or finder

Try a fresh start

  1. exit engine dj

  2. delete the engine library folder in your Mac’s “Music” folder

  3. import tracks again

Hi I imported via finder And I’ve done all the steps you’ve suggested several times and no luck.

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This is a screen shot of the sharing permissions

what about all the security & privacy settings on the mac

does engine dj have full disk access?

Thanks just tried that but still no art work

The disappearance of art work happens by chance to me too.

To solve it I use “Mp3Tag”, I select all the tracks that have problems, then I modify some tags and execute the saving / updating of the files. After I open Engine DJ, I select the files that had the problem and do “Re-import track information” (as @mufasa suggested). Generally then the covers appear.

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Thank you for all replies, I did find a work around by Exporting my collection in rekordbox to an ssd. When I mounted the ssd to my sc6000m only then could I see the artwork! Obviously none of the tracks are analysed but I can do that in the sc6000m. Really shame the only way to get artwork with my music was to use the competitors software!! I love my sc6000m but first experience with engine desktop isn’t the best