NI Traktor sound output is poor through MC6000 Mk1

Murage Sep 03, 2015 6:51 am

I just bought the mc6000 and i hav a simple layout its just laptop controller issue is the cue 1 2 and so forth found above the jog wheel dont work. Cue 1 lights up but does nothing even when i clear it using the shift button nothing happens.

The second issue is the sound.its very poor from the speakers but headphones sound is ok… maybe is the .tsi file i keep reading do you map if that is the issue…help its getting frustrating

SlayForMoney Sep 04, 2015 9:31 am

what speakers? how are they connected to the mc6000: RCA or XLR? main or booth output?

How do you mean “poor” - as in quiet?

Murage Sep 05, 2015 6:51 am

i changed the software to vdj pro 7 and hardware issues are solved. the only issue remaining is sound. its very very low and distorting from speakers but when i plug and listen through the headphones its crystal clear. the problem are not with the speakers. the speakers i have connected them through the RCA ports. i have minimized the master so that the meter doesnt hit red. what could be the issue??

DJ_Boothe Sep 05, 2015 7:36 am

Generally, the sound from the MC6000 is very very clear and punchy.

Once a lappy is in a system a number of quality issues can be introduced… Indeed the world of DJing would’ve been so much easier without lappys elbowing their way into the picture. Try taking a look for the following things…

  • try unplugging the lappy from the mains power (wall power socket) and run it on the battery for a few minutes - does the sound improve?

  • speakers sometimes have switches or rotating knobs to adjust what level or “range” of sound levels to expect to work with (not their volume control) try different switch/range settings

  • latency… This is an eternal tease… You set latency on the lappy screen… The lower the number, the more “instant” the things you press/turn/twiddle are reacted to by the lappy BUT lappys have to have some time to process the data running through them so… When the latency is set too low for the processing power of the lappy, given the number of things the lappy is already having to think of, the lappy doesn’t have enough time to process the music and clean sound is lost as the lappy tries to constantly catch up with the new data constantly coming in before the lappy has had chance to play the sound it was still trying to play - so try a really big latency number like … 50ms… As a test.

  • signal chain / gain chain… Basically, in the path of your music… From file to listeners ears, youll have about 5 or 6 volume controls and bouncy meters etc … And the trick is… None of those controls should be set so that its meter bounces constantly into the red - Look at the lappy screen with your DJ software on -,adjust its gain controls down to about halfway, adjust its on-screen “faders” down to about half way, any master output in-screen to halfway, then on the 6000 itself adjust the channel input gains so that the meters aren’t going red, move the channel faders to halfway, and the master volume control to halfway, then your speaker inputs to halfway etc - the sound should be low volume but clarity shouldn’t be an issue unless the lappy is introducing the problem ahead of any of these other things

  • try playing a Hi-Fi CD player into the audio inputs of the 6000 - does that play through ok ? If a shop bought cd plays ok then your speaker settings are ok

  • check for other channels bring left “up” introducing noise eg… Have ou left the mic channels on?

  • are any filters “on”?