Next Prime Pro Controller!

Hello Denon community.

I love my Prime 4 with 2 separate mic-inputs. It’s a perfect compact controller for any gig. But it doesn’t look & feel the part when I’m playing at a bigger event. A Pro controller with a single center screen is soo much better than separate players. So I’m waiting for a Prime Pro (lightweight 10kg, DDJ-SZ killer) Controller with 6000 Jogwheels & buttons. (to go with 2xLC6000) That’s the perfect setup, fully compatible with Serato Pro DJ out of the box. Or a brand new mixer with a Giant Center Screen to go with 4xLC6000.

//Simon Matsuyama

PS. And please, get rid of the “X Fader Contour”-nob in the front that sticks out. Hate that nob. :slight_smile:


I have previously suggested a mixer with a large screen. Where the standallone software is built into the mixer. Then you can supplement with LC6000 players 1-4 pcs. Or you can select SC6000 then only the mixing session is displayed on the mixer screen. All search function is then still left on the separate SC6000

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I want the same exact thing to

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I realised that DJM-TOUR1 is out. That is not what I want.

I think Prime4 mixer section is perfectly designed with the screen, so I just want a controller with 6000 features. And effects location just like P4.

And please add 2x USB inputs like DJM-900NXS2 or DDJ-SZ.

PS. If you get rid of the X-Fader contour nob, please make the big headphone jack flat as well.

Most likely you can replace it with a smaller cap from the old generation of Denon mixers. Check the pictures of the knob that has the same function on the X1600 and X1700 mixers, much smaller.

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And while you’re at it. Can you make this a Serato Collaboration and create the perfect Serato Controller of all time? So you can have the Waveform & mixing info on the Centerscreen and only the library on the laptop?

Or add live adjustable dynamic Beatgrid, Video and Flip to Engine OS?

This is a great solution for Engine OS. Fantastic setup for DJ’s with USB/SSD.

The basic idea from Pioneer’s TOUR is superb. It’s just that the price level is insane! An affordable Denon solution to this is at least my dream. The dream players already exist. SC6000 / M

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Can’t agree. Are the 90s back again?

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Well, I think Denon should also go with all switches for crossfader curve (like DJM-900). And finally, you want as small and stackable case as possible so only nobs on the top.

Dual microphone with each EQ is a key-feature on the Prime 4 that I absolutely love, that I miss on DN-x1850 & DJM-900NXS2. It’s perfect for gigs with a Musician. I usually want to cut the Low to prevent feedback in my microphone and that’s awful for the musician. So please keep that on the Pro Controller and please add it to future “DN-x6000”.

I also want to say that I hate the Laptop/standalone solution on Prime devices. It’s not good that the music need to stop while you reboot the system to switch. Is there a fix for this and can you not do that for the upcoming generation?

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There is no more Prime 2 and 4 for sale, who will say if they will make this new controller. I doubt it very much.

■■■… maybe on prime 2 but prime 4 is available almost everywhere. Prices are still holding steady. Maybe a cpu supply issue (but thats a backlog from covid) but prime4 us DEFINATELY still available

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