Newbie here still trying to figure out playlists and syncing to Engine desktop

I put my prime 4 in computer mode. Drive shows up on comp. I added a bunch of folders to it. So far so good. Open up Engine , i see the drive . All i see is a bunch of red when i load it up in Engine via drives. I would like to first make sure those red tracks are working but more importantly- i have folders already setup on the actual drive that i could turn into playlists BUT those folders are not showing up in any way that makes it viable to create into playlists. Any suggestions how to do this?

You’re doing the process in reverse.

First you need to load your tracks into Engine DJ Desktop (on the PC), you can do this even with the Prime 4 turned off, not connected to the PC. Then you have to analyze the tracks, if you want you can edit them, insert Hot Cues and loops. When you have finished preparing the tracks you can create your playlists, again in Engine DJ on the PC.

When you have finished your work you can connect your Prime 4 in computer mode (as you have already done), then use the “Sync manager” button to select the playlists to transfer from the PC to the Prime 4. This way your playlists will be transferred to Prime 4 and you will no longer have the red tracks.

Thanks i did figure it out in reverse though but still have the red tracks on the prime 4 and in Engine. Actually when i click on the drive itself i see red but when i go into collection and see the playlists everything seems to be okay. any suggestions?

You have to start all over again: delete everything you have loaded into your Prime 4, it must be empty.

Do what I wrote above, first load the tracks into Engine DJ on the PC, then check that you don’t have red tracks. Then use Sync manager to automatically transfer the tracks from your PC to Prime 4. That way you won’t have red tracks.

okay great i will do that. should i reformat drive as well?

You can do it if you want, but it’s not essential. You can simply delete everything on the Prime 4’s internal HD.