New version of Engine Desktop and mac OS version

Question for the devs… people who have to stay on Catalina due to lack of support from Rane/INmusic regarding Serato soundcards.

Does this now mean we will also never be able to update Engine Desktop past our current version?

You have dug yourselves into a bit of a hole here for a group of people who are both Serato and Engine users, i cant upgrade my OS, and now i cant upgrade Engine Desktop because i cant upgrade my OS.

Would two computers solve the issue? One for serato , one for everything else ?

Or dual boot etc

Ive thought about that and have an M1 MBP so could facilitate it, my main issue is how to sync the music across both Macs, something to possibly look into. Ill have to buy a new SSD if i want to dual boot as the OS alone takes up too much space for my current one.

Someone releasing a sound card with up to date internals would be the ideal solution:)

Store your music on an external drive, can we used on multile machines then. I would have suggested NAS but that’s not working right now for Mac’s

Not everyone uses those SL-boxes or certain mixers, tho. I am both a Serato and Engine user myself, but perfectly fine on Monterey.

The blame is more on Serato, than Denon/Engine. But mostly on Apple for pressing out a major version release every darn year (which sometimes takes months to be fully patched , btw).

I was sticking with Mojave (which is awesome) for a long time myself, so I understand the pain, but we’re 3 versions ahead now - eventually it’s time to move on or deal with the given compromises.

What happens when you install the latest version of Engine DJ on your “unsupported” OS?

Not tried that tbh, but the release notes said you have to be running Ventura because of the DB changes doesn’t it?

Fully agree and Serato should be looking for a Sound card partner for their latest version.

In my humble opinion we shouldn’t be forced to use a certain mixer just to have DVS and this is now the state of play for Serato users.

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What are you waiting for? Back up and try it out.

Is not supported does not necessarily mean will not work…

Stood in a bar behind the decks atm but will give it a go tomorrow:)

I’m a Serato DJ user & I add everything to Serato DJ, edit, delete etc then I sync my changes to Engine & on my Mac it works brilliantly. Takes just over 30 mins to do a full Serato import. I’m also on Mojave & have no need to update as it still works great on 2.3.2 Engine Desktop. If I try to do the same thing on my Windows 10 laptop, which is more powerful it takes much much longer to do the Serato DJ import. So much so that I don’t ever use it & I just don’t understand why it takes so long to do the same job?