New Update | Engine PRIME v1.5

Hey Everyone,

We’re excited to announce that Engine PRIME 1.5 is now available!

This version greatly simplifies the process of transferring music to media devices with an all-new Sync Manager. The update also introduces a significantly improved BPM detection algorithm, track preview, batch editing for track metadata, local collection backup and restore functionality as well as a number of additional usability improvements and stability enhancements.

Highlights of Engine Prime v1.5.0 are as follows:

Sync Manager

Transferring music to a media device is both simple and fast thanks to the new Sync Manager feature. The Sync Manager window enables users to select multiple Crates and Playlists to export to any connected media device with a single click. It also indicates the space needed for the selected Crates or Playlists as well as the available space for the selected media device. Performance data such as hot cues, loops, and beat grid changes made on Denon DJ Engine OS hardware can also be synced back to the Engine PRIME collection.

New BPM Detection Algorithm

Built from the ground up, Engine PRIME 1.5 features a brand new BPM detection algorithm. The new analysis process is lightning fast and provides highly accurate results. When analyzing music in v1.5, users will find both BPM and beat grid downbeat placement are far more accurate than previous versions. *tracks will need to be reanalyzed in Engine PRIME v1.5 to utilize the new BPM and downbeat algorithm.

Track Preview

Users will appreciate a more efficient and fluid way to preview tracks when managing and preparing their music. The track list in v1.5, features a new column for quickly previewing tracks without loading them to the deck. Track preview playback is activated just by clicking on the overview waveform in the track list. The preview waveform column is scalable and provides hot cue markers to help users quickly identify tracks that have already been prepared.

Metadata Batch Edit

Editing track metadata information in Engine PRIME v1.5 can now be done to multiple tracks simultaneously. Users can now select a group of tracks for editing, click the field that needs updating and apply that change to all selected tracks. Batch editing from the track list is intuitive and a big time-saver when it comes to tidying up various sized music collections.

In addition, v1.5 brings the following notable enhancements:

  • Local Collection Backup and Restore
  • Improved Beat Grid editing
  • Deck Eject
  • User Preference support for the Denon DJ SC6000/M, PRIME 2 and PRIME GO

Engine PRIME 1.5 Feature Overview Video




Beta 1.4 deleted… 1.3.4 deleted… updated… All seems ok preview with cuepoints nice job :wink: Unload tracks : ok ! Database Backup : Top top !

Now the same for Prime 4 !! ;))

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Love the new algorithm :star_struck:

Thanks Denon!!!


Is it getting the bpm right for “in da club”? That’s all some Reddit’s were interested in lol haha :joy:


It does :muscle::rofl: :tada:

The go-to track to test.


Oh super. Nothing else matters then :wink:


Exactly. That was the only track I need to analyze - now I can start using EP… Nah just kidding. :joy:

But this upgrade is awesome!!!


I had a fairly popular thread about the beat grid issues I was having w/ mostly techno/tech house where EP was totally botching finding the correct beginning of the track. I was forced to use 3rd party software. Happy to report I reanalyzed my library with this new update and all my issues were resolved. Thanks, Denon :slight_smile:


if you use this trick, you may need to keep 1.3.4 installed

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Djs… Give me a break, i went to bed for 30 minutes rest and I see that world changed!!! Great news Denon THANK YOU!!! To sleep tonight or prime 4 firmware will appear???


what do you mean when you say: now the same for P4?

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Awesome job! Thanks Denon peeps! :slight_smile:

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It sure does get hungry when it’s analysing songs!


I did have it freeze graphically on me when, but the music kept playing, around a minute after it had finished analysis of the songs, however it froze for a few moments then came back.

When using sync manager, this does not appear to show the correct crates on my USB.


However, if I go onto my player than I see the crate on it.

All of these songs are on the single USB, so they should all be on the USB, it’s my master copy. Previously this was automatically across and was showing in both the Engine side, USB side and the player. Now, I can see it on the engine side, not ticked in sync manager, but in the device and player. If I hit the tickbox it says 0.0mb to move across.

I just don’t want to lose any of my crates either not being across or not getting kept.

Setup, all songs and engine library on a single USB.


Serato is legacy. Engine is live Engine Data, the others are self explanatory. Users is where all my music is stored.

However, loving the new features and enjoying playing with the new features and toys!

Sync manager is not for your workflow

Sync manager is for going from collection (internal drive or external drive) to another destination (thumb drive, p4 drive, sd card etc)


Track preview, bpm editing…

I was ‘not’ expecting to see the waveforms on my tracks, from the get go, really nice.


Perfect, that is great to know!

I shall not concern myself with that then and use it for the odd occasion I just need a USB :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Just tested it out with my hiphop crate, the new bpm algorithm is definitely a lot better than before! However it still has issues with songs where the BPM fluctuates. For example SICKO MODE goes from like 70 to 77 bpm but engine analyzes it as a fixed 69 bpm. Manually gridding it doesn’t work because it just slows down the latter part of the song which sounds like arse. I realize this has probably been requested before, but please make the beatgrid conform to the song and not the other way around. Other than that, the update is great!


Hooray! I used the “back my database” feature on my USB and it corrupted USB. Now I can’t restore it, good thing I kept a back-up from the previous version of ENGINE.

Thanks Denon :grin: