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Good day all,

As the title stated I’m new to Tidal. I have been using Tidal with various units/setups and have become stumped with using it with the Denon 4. There are two things I can’t seem to do with Tidal on the Denon 4.

  1. I can’t analyze all of my track at once. I have to play/select a track, it will download automatically, and then analyze it as it downloads. Now if you only have a few tracks that is fine; however, lets say you have over 100 tracks, that can be very time consuming.

  2. Can’t seem to figure out how to sort a playlist in Tidal by way of BPM. Every other platform I have used no problem, but with Tidal big problem.

If there is someone who has figured out these dilemmas I would be very appreciative of you knowledge on what I need to do. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and in assisting me with my issues.

DJ JerzMic

  1. Yes, it´s true - thats very time consuming. You can use following trick (but anyway time consuming): Do a playlist with all your tracks in Tidal for your gig. Load this playlist to the zone mode player. Let it play through zone mode player. Or: Load this playlist to your normal deck, and turn on continous mode. Press play - and leaf the player alone for a while (or enjoy the music xD).

After playing your complete playlist, all files are analyzed.

(For the behavior: See Tidal as emergency library - and not as your main lib.)

  1. You can´t sort them by bpm, because they have no saved informations about the bpm in the tracks. Tidal is only a normal music streaming service. It was never meant for using this by dj´s. So they only have Artist & Trackname in their tags, maybe the record lable, but that´s it.

If you need BPM then choose Beatsource LINK or Beatport LINK. This sources are for DJ´s. See tidal only as a backup, when you need a track, and you don´t have it.

Greetings Dark

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It’s a pity that the hardware doesn’t allow us to:

  1. Analyse all tracks in a playlist
  2. Sort by BPM

The latter particularly because surely after analysis, Engine OS knows the BPM and key.

Ideally the streaming services should be added to Engine Prime software, so that we can use the computer to do both of these tasks, then export the results to the hardware.

Currently I’m using Tidal on my Prime 4 via VDJ, which can batch analyse tracks (it’s slow but it works) and sort by BPM or any other info. It can even fetch missing info such as year and genre from Discogs.

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Be very wary of Beatsource’s provided BPM.

I think they analyzed their tracks with a toaster.

No consistency eg some are double time and they also have totally wrong BPM in many tracks. So much for a DJ specific service.

With no way to correct said BPM on the units yet.


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I don´t know why it is so hard to get right BPM´s - When a Artist composed a track … he normally knows what BPM and KEY he used … Why in can´t this not be used or even transmitted ?

This should be a standard when they provide music to the industry.

The Soundcloud tracks also have the BPM and key already visible before the analysis and are generally right (except tracks greater than 170 BPM :crazy_face:).

Okay. That is nice to know. Then there is a technic wich has a function we need. So other streaming services need to adapt this.

I think an independent solution by Denon will be the best option

Allow us to have full reanalysis, beatgrid on the players.

Even small batches say 20 tracks at a time

It just occurred to me as a temporary work around,

  1. Load playlist on spare deck

  2. Pitch tempo up to 99%

  3. Play the list in continuous mode


This is so annoying in Beatport Link… BPM being wrong is a right pain… seems to happen more with breaks tracks which I play a lot of… can work around it no probs mixing by ear but the thing I really want on deck re-analysis for is the key. 50% of the tracks i play have the wrong key … i have to spend loads of prep time finding correct key in rekordbox and then adjusting my playlist to suit… is there a feature request for on deck re-analysis for BP link? Tidal seems to work just fine … just need a switch or tick box to say don’t use provided bpm or key or always re-analyse.

I did not renew Beatport and beatsource after my trial ended because of this as well.