New to Prime (Like most)

Hello All John here,

Looking forward to helping anyone with what knowledge I might have to offer. I have a question if anyone might have found an easier workaround (or if I’m am completely oblivious to a method in front of me) but 1 Getting my Serato library to be found was easy it found it cool but getting my crate’s over to Primes Collection area is not very fun lol… Crates one by one? You can Command + A, Nor Shift-Down arrow to highlight multiple crates to drag over. Can someone maybe shine a light here if I’m doing something wrong? I have a T5 SSD So more than enough read and write for my Nights out.

My second Question is has anyone else found a way to get these SC5000 Jog Wheels to loosen up a bit? for open format DJs this is a major downfall really the biggest thing in Buying/Returning these Players for me. I hope its something Digital they can Put in the firmware updates to loosen the tension they are way to tight on the lowest setting.

Sorry if I might be in a repeat thread but not all other post are clear enough on the issues I was facing.

Sorry mate - there is no simple way of doing this.

You have tried the jog wheel tension knob, haven’t you?

1- I figured the simplest things should not be that hard

2- Yes I did the obvious and turned the Tension knob the wheels are way to still even at its lowest setting.

Sent the players back I gave up Great piece of gear was not made for DJs like me thats all.

It’s mad that, and was probably your player, as mine are far too loose on the lowest setting for me to use. Why does an open format DJ need ultra-loose platters? Just for my own curiosity as I’m not open format.

I found the platter of the OG SC5000 to be firm on the lowest setting as well…compared to CDJs.

I kinda got used to it after a while but you do feel the burn when scratching.

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That right there might have just been why you don’t see anything wrong, but if it was my players then id be really upset Denon would send them out with out testing.
reason I say it in a open format sense is because we scratch a bit and its extremely hard to execute even the basic scratches. Its not to say ultra loose but some other CDJ’s Ive own i wont name or compare brands but they weren’t as tight not even close to that tight. But we all have our preferences these just weren’t for me. look forward to what denon put out in the future.

Apart from the fact that it seems like the players had no chance to even proof themselves, why didn’t you go for the M’s then?

I scratch the ■■■■ out of mine on the mid-setting. Maybe I’m just strong :wink: :rofl:

No I take nothing from the players they are amazing in every way possible but the jog wheels were just not comfortable at all. THIS IS MY OWN OPINION. I didn’t want motorized platters I want more CDJ Like (motors mean more moving parts to worry about long-term) I have Tech 1200s for that if I want turntables. I shouldn’t have to explain myself but I have no issues with the players I was in love with them and their functions. Especially the Wide Screens they have I was beyond excited for there you guys have no clue just let down by the Jog wheels and its Tension.

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All three of mine have different jog rotation resistance on the lowest tension setting and the tension knob effects are inconsistent. I also prefer a loose, flowing jog. The high mass of the SC5000 jog is admittedly a little weird for me to begin with. What I do is turn up the tension carefully (which is hard to get predictable results even on the same unit each time you do it, let alone across units) on the units with less resistance to match the unit with the most resistance at its lowest setting. Then I do not touch it. I believe once we get adjustable jog bend sensitivity in both directions (or just one setting and sensitivity made symmetrical) the heavy jog will feel less weird.

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I found that mine have loosened up over time to a place where I’m pretty happy with them actually. Just me though. : )