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HI all, I’ll start by introducing myself, My |Name is John I’m not a newbie to DJ software in any way, But I am new to Engine DJ since buying myself a Denon SC Live 4 controller. I’ve been a engine DJ user now for about 6 or 7 weeks. It’s been such a challenge. At one point I was gonna send the unit back, The only thing that stopped me was taking the empty box outside and burning it the fire bin. Now I was determined to get this sorted and working once and for all. I’ll start by saying that the reason for me buying the Denon SC Live 4 Is, I don’t have the energy anymore to carry such large and heavy equipment due to my slowly deteriorating health and the Denon SC Live 4 is the perfect weight, size, and was listed as having everything I needed from a stand alone controller. After getting the unit out of the box I was well looking forward to getting this running asap. I did my homework before it arrived, I was very aware of issues and problems that some users had or still facing, but regardless I needed Something smaller, lighter and more maneuverable that my current system. I formatted all my SSD drives to ex-fat32 & Fat32, Downloaded Engine DJ Software and started to prepare Drives ready for when the controller arrived. Anyway Controller ready, USB drives in and ready for switch on. Both drives showing all tracks listed, with a lovely sea of red showing for some,but some show red and some don’t, so i found it was a mixture from both drives. After checking all tags, reformatting blah blah blah so on and so on, I re ordered more new drives. Now for me I’ve already spent a silly amount getting high performance SD Cards to work, SD Card still isn’t for me. However I’ve sorted many issues as regarding music collection, lag issues, recordings. It really has been a long process, The day before you brought out your latest update I can say I left it quietly running for 12 hours none stop and not one single issue. You can spend hundreds on SSD drives, but believe me when I say it is HD temperamental cause this unit really is. I can also confirm that I have completely rebuilt my music library using my old software as a key database. I have loads of duplicates due to my Audio Tracks are from CD’s. These need to be Duplicated for playlist issues, But I can definitely confirm that the SSD Pen I’m currently using has over 650,000 tracks on it and is working absolutely lightning quick on the system with no bugs or errors to report as yet, Yes i can also confirm it’s working the same using your new update, stream and tracks and swapping, all working with no issues and keyboard connected also. Recording I’ve added a SSD to the second port, I use this to only record to nothing else, otherwise you end up with a too slow logo on your screen and recording will auto stop. My advice record to an Empty SSD use you laptop or PC to move the track once you’ve finished. If this post helps just one person then its done its job. Well done Team

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Hi John and welcome to our little Denon community :+1:

It sound as if you’ve got things sorted now. Where many encounter hurdles is that they’ve become used to “organizing” their music by manually creating folders and having their files scattered around their drive - 70s music in a 70s folder, rock music in a rock folder and so on.

Using any kind of DJ library database system, the location of files is no longer relevant, because the database allows you to search, create playlists and more recently use smartlists.

Trying to retain old folder structures tends to get in the way.

One tip for any posts you make in the future - try and split things up into paragraphs, creating space between sentences, so it’s not just one big wall of text. :grinning:

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This! :point_up_2:t3: As someone with ADHD, I have a hard time with text walls :sob:

Is here one 0 extra? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Welcome, like almost everyone, at first, you have to adapt, but once you do, you realize that it is the best team. There are always doubts and in this forum we share and move forward together.

Congratulations on your purchase… and good luck with that great library!!

Ok, seems like you had a lot of music you needed to shift over to a new database for your Prime Device and you encountered a problem I’ve also seen that can lead to an issue where some tracks appear red.

It can be confusing when that problem appears but I’ve found it to be characters in the file path which aren’t understood by the player. Those characters are often accents from other character maps and maybe another operating system.

A quick way to check is to change the file name of the music file within the operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux etc…) so that they don’t include any special characters, replace anything that isn’t a-z,A-Z,0-9 and see if that fixes your problem when you import to Engine OS.


This is a great tip.

Even after relocating and all seems like there shouldn’t be a problem, the characters within the filename or tag could throw a spanner in the works.

Worth checking and compromising on using non-accented characters until a more robust way to do it comes in.

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